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Organize the indigenous resistance to defeat Bolsonaro and fascism! For the demarcation of our lands!

Bolsonaros declarations ignore all the history of fights for preservation of lands e for
the right of life. The current political scene in brazil demonstrates a path of many setbacks, especially to the brazilian traditional communities. The attack on the indigenous people reveals a big withdraw of rights that are coming with Bolsonaro’s government. The declarations of the new president about the environment and against the traditional people ignores all the history of fights for preservation of their lands and for the right of life and goes especially against article 231 of the federal constitution of 1988, that states “are recognized and belong to the indigenous people their own social
organization, their habits, languages, beliefs, traditions and the originary rights on
the lands that they have traditionally occupied. It’s the State’s responsibility to demarcate their land, protect, and make others respect all their goods. ”

The fight for the indigenous cause against the advance of land exploitation doesn’t
come from today. 518 years ago, we the indigenous people resist against the attempt
of the powerful to take our lands. Lately, we resisted against Belo Monte’s
construction, in the PT governments, when in Altamira (Pará) was the stage of many
conflicts against Lula’s government, who had opened the doors to Belo Monte’s
construction, which would cause enormous damage to the indigenous and non
indigenous population, major environmental and social impacts on Xingu river.
However, everything indicates that in Bolsonaro’s government the attacks against the
indigenous people will be even worse. The president’s declaration point to the
expropriation of our lands and severe violations to our rights.
Recently, Bolsonaro compared indigenous people that live in reserves with animals
in the zoo. It’s been a long time since Bolsonaro has shown absolutely any solidarity
to the brazilian indigenous people. The harassment is constant, especially when it’s
about the demarcation of lands. There has been a battle occurring for years against
the agribusiness, the illegal exploitation of mineral and wood, since this governor
defends the mining and also made declarations like there isn’t gonna be one
centimeter demarcated to the indigenous reserves or to quilombolas.” and “Where
there is an indigenous land, there is wealth underneath, we have to change this

Bolsonaro that always said would follow Temer’s steps on delivering amazon to
others will put it in demise to the possible constructions of huge projects. The
president that always presents himself with a nationalistic speech is nothing but a
delivery man to big multinational companies, foreign companies and to the big
capitalists of livestock and agribusiness. Proof of that is a recent critic about the
environmental legislation about the “excess of requirements that end up difficulting
the entrepreneurship in the country ”

The indigenous people situation is chaotic, especially to the most part of them that
live in the amazon, one of the prime areas to be attacked by Bolsonaro’s government.
We are living in the eye of the hurricane, in constant fight for the right to live and
exist on this earth. The agribusiness advance will open a breach to the compulsory
expel of the people who live by the river (ribeirinhos), indigenous and quilombolas
from their territories. One of the great setbacks even before Bolsonaro took place as
president was the proposition of the joining together the ministry of environment
and the ministry of agriculture and the affirmation “an end to the mulct industry, as
well as bringing harmony to the countryside”. After a lot of pressure from
environmental activists and other sectors that defend the environment he retreated.

Nevertheless the most worrisome news was the recent declaration of the new
minister of the civil house from Bolsonaros government the federal depute Onyx
Lorenzoni (DEM – RS) about the possible transfer of FUNAI (national foundation of
the indigenous people) to the agriculture department: “FUNAI needs a new direction,
a new way of relations. Brazil, for many years now, takes care of it’s indians through
nongovernmental organizations, that not always do an appropriate work. So, the
president’s view is to give conditions to those indians that want, to those groups or
those people, who want to seek different conditions ”. However, recently bolsonaro
declared Damares Alves as the new minister of human and women’s rights and he
declares that he will transfer FUNAI from the ministry of justice to the hands of the
new minister Damares, a fundamentalist reverend accused of racism against
indigenous and of abducting indigenous kids.

FUNAI’s future is something to worry and this crisis has come from a long way. In
one year the agribusiness congressmen took down two presidents for not attending
to their interests. Everything thing indicates that the president of the indigenous
institution will be a figure aligned to agribusiness interests.
Another recent fact was the exit of the cuban doctors from the Mais Médicos
program, that contributes to the indirect genocide of indigenous . An expressive
amount of the population that lives in indigenous villages were assisted by the
program. Such villages are gonna be out of doctors. The indigenous villages from the
north of the country are the most attacked with the abandonment of brazilian
doctors. The states of Amazonas, Amapá and Pará are the ones who suffers the most.
Recently on the indigenous districts of Amazonas , only 29 medical candidates
presented themselves leaving 63 spots for doctors open. In Pará and Amapá the lack
of medical doctors is also big.

The genocide of our bodies continues to be perpetrated for five long centuries. It was
never easy to be indigenous in brazil, and it won’t be now, in this government,
especially with protofacism in advance, something that allows the harassment while
our lands remain unmarked. This moment requires organization of the indigenous resistance to defeat Bolsonaro and fascism. Our fight comes from a long time, we follow the same steps as our ancestors, we are the seed of those who fought and resisted until the end for us to be here today fighting for our survival and of those t come.

We’ll remain fighting like the grate indigenous leadership in Brazil thought us: Raoni
Kayapo, who was a great fighter for the indigenous and environmental causes today
is still our symbol of fight and resistance; Tuira Kayapo, that lifted her machete to the
face of the Eletronorte engineer against Belo Monte’s construction; Alessandra
Korap Munduruku a great warrior from the Tapajos who recently denounced in a
hearing in brasilia the huge contamination of the Tapajos river by soy plantations
and the use of pesticides harmful to the indigenous and to the environment. Also
Sonia Guajajara, that in these 519 years of Brazil was the first indigenous to run for
office as vice president of the republic, showing that we’ll continue to fight for the
places that were taken from us by the brutal colonization of this country
Fight like our ancestors! Fight like a native!

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