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What do we Latin American socialists expect from the U.S. midterm elections; (looking from outside to inside the U.S.)

The triumph of Bolsonaro in Brazil, the country with the ruling class historically most tied to American imperialism in Latin America, has been a hard blow for the left and the workers of our continent. Not by chance Bolton, (Trump’s chief advisor), declared that the United States now has a strategic ally.

Bolsonaro is Trump’s son, he would not exist without Trump; his proto-fascism is based on a similar ideology, the ideologue of both is the same (Bannon). Bolsonaro also wants to move the embassy to Jerusalem and his son goes with the governor of Rio de Janeiro to Israel to buy exterminating drones. As Trump is going to lower taxes the rich; like Trump his policy is anti-ecological. While Trump totally liberated the exploitation of petroleum gas and mining, (a dangerous threat to the environment, remember what happened in Caribbean Gulf) ), Bolsonaro wants to clear the Amazon jungle and end the delimitation of indigenous lands. They defend the armament. The list goes on…they are machist, racist, homophobic and both rely on the powerful evangelical sectors. (God, Family and Property are slogans of both)

Trump is directly involved in today’s elections. Like Bolsonaro in Brazil his discourse is highly divisive, far-right appealing to backward sentiments to impose his authority. After committing the crime against humanity of separating immigrant children from their parents (which still continues), they are sending an armed army to the border to stop the five thousand desperate immigrants fleeing from the poverty caused by the empire. He is saying that a child born of an immigrant will not have the right to U.S. citizenship. It is proclaiming its racism and denigrating blacks.
For these reasons these mid-term elections have become a national and international referendum on Trump’s policy. A triumph in Trump’s two chambers strengthens the advance of authoritarianism and strengthens the proto-fascist sectors in the world. If Trump loses all his “children” are weakened and especially Bolsonaro the greatest danger that we Latin Americans have. We remember very well what was the military coup of the Brazilian military commanded from the chancellery and the American embassy.

And what is important for the socialists is that a defeat that obviously means a greater weight and political protagonism of the Democratic Party will also strengthen the socialist wave of the DSA that will obtain national deputies and seats in the states. And this is an important step not only for the workers of the United States if it strengthens Bernie Sanders for the 2020 elections. It is also for the Latin American left, which needs a profound renewal after the defeats it suffered. Authoritarianism did not advance because “the masses are backward”. It advanced in Brazil when the massive mobilization of 2013 rose up for more democracy, health and education and the PT government turned its back and continued to govern for the bankers, agribusiness and the big construction companies. This balance, which has its importance for the formation of a new left, does not mean any obstruction to the necessary unitary policy of struggle against authoritarianism and proto-fascism. Our expectations are placed on the USA and especially on the performance of the socialists. We are waiting…

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