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Left on The Move Newsletter – 12.10

Left on The Move Newsletter – 12.10

In this edition of the Left on The Move Newsletter, the highlight is the Declaration of the Executive Committee of the Fourth International on the Brazilian situation after the election of Jair Bolsonaro. On the same subject, we shared an interview of Pedro Fuentes for Socialist Worker.

We have also selected recent texts by Ben Beckett, Meagan Day and Neal Meyer for Jacobin Mazine and The Call Socialist, which provide us with a good picture of the social and political struggle of the American Socialists at this time.

This work also has articles and interviews on the following topics: elections in Andalusia, resistance of the Palestinian people, repression against Marxist students in China, pressure on Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, increased influence of the religious fundamentalism in Pakistani politics and the third wave of world feminism.

Finally, we recall a theoretical article by the revolutionary Clara Zetkin on fascism. Although elaborated in 1923, this report for the Third International remains with many useful elements for those who wish to understand the counterrevolutionary movements today.

An excellent reading to all and until the next edition!

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Organizing resistance in brazil and international solidarity against neofascist bolsonaro’s government | Fourth Internacional Bureau

All solidarity with the workers, black people, women, youth, natives, peasants, landless and homeless people, LGBTI community, teachers, professors, scientists and artists who will be the targets of “ultra” neoliberal, conservative and authoritarian policies of the new occupant of Planalto Palace.

What shape will the resistance to bolsonaro take? – interview with Pedro Fuentes | Socialist Worker 

Pedro Fuentes, a leading member of the Party for Socialism and Freedom (PSOL) talked about the conditions that gave rise to Bolsonaro’s victory and the resistance that has already emerged


Elections in andalusia: the far-right bursts, antifascist alert | Israel Dutra

Defeat of the local PSOE government, growth of the general Right vote and the eruption of a far-right bench.


Streaming class struggle | Ben Beckett

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders’s social media videos are putting class struggle front and center.

The blue trickle | Neal Meyer

For Democrats, the results of the midterms — much like the campaign they waged — were lackluster. Although to everyone’s relief they managed (just barely) to retake the House, what should have been a blowout turned into a long slog.

Transit Workers Against Amazon? | Ben Beckett

New York’s transit workers have enormous leverage over Amazon. But to use it, they will have to break with Andrew Cuomo.

The fund for needy millionaires | Meagan Day

Think government benefits all go to the poor? Think again — here are five ways Washington shovels billions in public money to the superrich.


Fascism | Clara Zetkin

In this article published in August 1923, Clara Zetkin writes about fascism – A dangerous enemy and the concentrated expression of the general offensive undertaken by the world bourgeoisie against the proletariat.

From women’s strikes to a new class movement: the third feminist wave | Cinzia Arruzza

The realization of the potential created by the new feminist wave requires above all a capacity on the part of the movement to reflect on itself and therefore to think strategically at the same level in which it has already positioned itself through its practice: that of an anti-systemic movement at the global level.


China intensifies crackdown on marxist student activists | Prof. Zhun Xu

Chinese university students, inspired by their studies of Marx, are facing an increasing state crackdown on their movement in support of workers who have been trying to organize Shenzhen’s Jasic Technology. Prof. Zhun Xu analyzes the situation.

Pakistan, hostage of the religious – the radical left in resistance | Pierre Rousset

The Pakistani Supreme Court had just declared Asia Bibi innocent of the crime of blasphemy for which she was previously sentenced to death.

Julian assange cornered | Sally Burch

The fence is tightening around the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, who is still on asylum at the Embassy of Ecuador in London. International persecution is growing and his rights are being curtailed.

President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador promises the “rebirth of Mexico” | Dan La Botz

Andrés Manuel López Obrador took the presidential oath on December 1 and then gave an hour and a half oration to the legislators, in which he reiterated his campaign promises to end corruption, to bring about economic prosperity, and to lead Mexico into a new historic fourth period of Mexican history, a period of “rebirth.”

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