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Down with the external interference! For a new political reference against Maduro!

Source: Aporrea.org


The people on the street mobilized, from all walks of life, and going out to protest in poor neighborhoods, are demonstrating that they no longer support the Maduro government. People are no longer willing to tolerate the politics of hunger and the destruction of labor rights, as well as the effective elimination of the right to health in the face of a lack of medicines and inputs, the degradation of public services, extreme corruption and daily repression .

This explains why a large part of the population has responded to the call to mobilize with the marches called by the self-proclaimed Guaidó, but not because it is willing to recognize anyone who wants to take power, but because vast sectors of our people have been fed up for a while and can not hold on any longer. Even those who work in the public sector, who remain silent or are forced to mobilize the government, to avoid retaliation that may affect them in their work, reception of basic food baskets or that could endanger their homes enrolled in the Housing Mission program. The comments, chavismo inside, are of tiredness and great annoyance, and little by little they are losing the fear.

The workers and the people have so far not been able to have a separate and independent alternative that represents their real interests and anxieties, which is why they have become trapped between the bureaucracy and capital.

The result is that polarization is reintroduced between the politicians of a corrupt government that controls the power and the parliamentarians of the parties of the big businessmen who exploit the workers.

Because the patrons who finance and promote the traditional right-wing opposition parties also benefit and pay the wages imposed by the government of Nicolás Maduro-PSUV-Militaries. And they have no other economic proposal than to continue unloading the crisis on the people while securing their profits and their business.

From the AN, they want to build a new government and use the energies of the people, because we do not have our own strong organizations to lead the fight against Nicolas Maduro’s nefarious government. However, the AN and the US are not references to impose governments on the Venezuelan people. Mature neither. All are usurpers and contend for control of the state to have subdued and exploit the people.

Our trade unions and grassroots organizations are largely destroyed, corrupted, or tied to the state apparatus, and another party has ceded its political independence to the leaders of the rich class that exploits us. That is why he has not yet emerged from Maduro’s authoritarian trap and has now fallen into the pro-Guaidó coup (of the Popular Will party), backed by the United States, which plays in favor of his interests, contrary to the Venezuelan nation.

We are now running the risk that the confrontation between two parallel governments, both illegitimate, and one supported by the United States, could lead to civil war or more direct imperialist forms of intervention by the Trump government.

It is also necessary to warn that with each attempt of the right the government of the bureaucracy takes advantage to unleash a repressive wave to submit more people and to stop all protest.

Faced with all this, Socialist Tide calls for us to remain mobilized and protest against the oppressive government, but the people and working class have to move with our own agenda and not behind the parliamentarians of the right or the PSUV bureaucracy, nor we can accept impositions from the outside.

Socialist Tide calls for us to join all those who understand the need to build our own organization of struggle, to raise a new political reference of our class and the different sectors of the people that suffers, that can assert our own interests and rights.

The people do not want Maduro and no one has elected Guaido.

Referendum that consult the people to re-legitimize all the powers (Art 71 CRBV).

Renewal of the CNE to regain its independence and call general elections.

For an emergency plan in favor of the workers and the people to face the crisis, recover the salary and have access to food.

No to the surrender of sovereignty.

No to interventionism and interference by the USA and the Lima Group.

Let us continue to struggle for our living conditions: salaries, labor rights, public services, democratic rights.

Neither blow nor negotiations behind the people’s backs.

Political autonomy of workers and popular sectors.

Let us no longer follow the politicians of the ruling bureaucracy or the politicians of the capitalists.

No bureaucracy or capital!

“Let them all go.”

May the mobilized people exercise their sovereignty.

No to repression: release of prisoners for fighting, respect for human rights.

For a workers’ and people’s government, not of the traditional bourgeoisie nor of the PSUV.

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