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PSOL Statement on the political situation in Venezuela

The Socialism and Freedom Party has as its principles the sovereignty of peoples and non-intervention. That is why we repudiate the recognition by the Bolsonaro government of a self-proclaimed “president in charge” in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
Deputy Juan Guaidó is part of an unacceptable foreign intervention devised by the US State Department, supported by right-wing and far-right governments in South America, including Brazil. Brazilian diplomacy is recognized by the constant efforts to ensure peace through negotiated exits for political conflicts and crises.
Aligning with US interests and right-wing opposition therefore represents a serious attack on the sovereignty of the Venezuelan people, which is only justified by the need to cover up the serious scandals involving the Bolsonaro family.
The PSOL advocates a peaceful and constitutional exit for the Venezuelan crisis, respecting the sovereignty of its people and rejecting any foreign interference in this brother country.

National Executive of PSOL
January 23, 2019

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