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Regain popular sovereignty in Venezuela

Translation: Isabel Fuchs Laurito

Nicolás Maduro taking power in Venezuela reveals just how deep the institutional crisis is in the country, such as a reminder that Bolivarian Revolution is degenerating into its end. After the highly questionable elections, with several opposition candidacies being proscriptive, even critical “chavistas” ones, Maduro is preparing for another 6 years in power.

The bolivarian people, which were once the protagonists of the most important revolutionary process in Latin America, are found in misery, in the middle of an intense dispute for power, between different sectors of the government, who chase the control of the state and are trying to put their hands on the natural resources of the country. On one side is the National Assembly, with right wing opposition asking for an imperialism military intervention, preparing a coup to take down Maduro, articulating with Lima Group and Trump’s administration. On the other side the authoritarian Maduro administration, violating the Constitution, the main conquest of Bolivarian Revolution. The government is a true military caste, ruling against the Venezuelan people’s interests, in order to maintain power and its consequent privileges.

Lately, on the name of the revolution and Chávez, the government is putting down an austerity plan against its people, trying to form a new elite, set beside with Chinese imperialism and in a deep repressive way, precluding any chance of a popular alternative to rise. The international left cannot legitimate a government of this nature.

We from MES/PSOL, were always defending the bolivarian process, nevertheless with critic and an independent political point of view. In 2003, PT leadership and Foro de São Paulo refused to bring Chávez for the World Social Forum, under “governability” reasons, while Lula, recently elected at the time, went to Davos Forum reaching for conciliation with imperialism. We were then the ones responsible for bringing Chávez, through our chair on National Congress, with Luciana Genro.

We always stood by the compromise of defending an anti imperialist struggle and popular empowering through the constituent process in Venezuela. Also, as a revolutionary organization, we never failed to point out the limitations of the bolivarian revolution process and the mistakes made by Cháves. We did though from within, as we were part of the process.

However, the degeneration process that took over PSUV leadership, the growing militarization of state power, corruption of bureaucracy, authoritarian measures from Maduro, the misery imposed to Venezuelans and the constant disrespect to Bolivarian Constitution put an end to the progressive character of the government.

Nowadays, the ones that back in 2003 wanted to keep a safe distance from Chávez, while bonding with Davos, are supporting Maduro trying to resuscitate the FSP, that agonizes while its parties are drowning in a crisis (as Ortega in Nicaragua).  

In other words, while the bolivarian revolution was in need of a deep solidarity to expand and advance, they denied ALBA, Banco del Sur, PetroAmericas and other progressive initiatives that were trying to build an independent way from American imperialism.

What they did offered was Odebrecht and its schemes for financing campaigns, aiming to moderate the process and enrich Brazilian capitalists. During their 13 years in power, they never put Brazil on the direction of bolivarian revolution, contrariwise they contributed to its degeneration process.  

Our position, from Brazil, must be to regain popular sovereignty that was stolen by the two sides of the dispute. We must also receive immigrants from Venezuela, who suffered with misery and repression from Maduro’s government. We are anti imperialists and internationalist, then we are promptly against any imperialist intervention in Venezuela.

Nevertheless, we defend popular right to self-determination. It is Venezuelan combative people, through its mobilization and its own instruments, the ones that can offer an independent way out of the crisis, fighting any imperialist intervention and on the other side the coward government of Maduro.

BERNARDO CORRÊA — Member of the State Executive from RS/PSOL

PEDRO FUENTES — Former International Relations Secretary from PSOL

ISRAEL DUTRA — International Relations Secretary from PSOL

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