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Socialism or Barbarism!

The Coletivo Marxista Revolucionário Paulo Romão – CMRPR (Revolutionary Marxist Collective Paulo Romão), a trade union organization of comrades who basically work in the State Union of Education Professionals, SEPE/RJ and the APP/Union, in the organism of Foz do Iguaçu, reemerged as a transitory political current of trade unions, given the disconnection from the Construção Socialista political tendency in which its militants were founders.

The CMRPR has always had on its horizon the commitment to the immediate and historical goals of the workers. It always looked for the possibility of being imbued and a part of an internationalist organization having as main reference the IV International founded in 1938 by Leon Trotsky!

During the last period in the militancy of the SEPE/RJ, we established a close relationship with the militants of MES (Movimento Esquerda Socialista – Socialist Left Movement), an organization that emerged in 1999 with historical origins in the revolutionary Marxist movement in Brazil and in Latin America.

This approximation on immediate political tasks of the union, during the day-to-day practical coexistence, has not only increased political relations of trust, but also of programmatic reference between CMRPR and the comrades of the MES.

This trust, which led us to dispute two union elections in partnership (2014 and 2018), which led us to compose and sign theses together for SEPE (2017) congresses, as well as for the PSOL/RJ Congress in 2017, still as militants and leaders of the CS tendency.

Since its resurgence, the CMRPR has always had the clarity of its transitory role, since, more than a syndicalist current, the period demands that the revolutionary Marxists are articulated around the organizational method of democratic centralism and, fundamentally, under the same flag, that of the Fourth International.

The process of political unification with MES, rather than a political/ideological need, is a historical achievement. Every debate held at the CMRPR had as a horizon starting at the end of 2018 and finishing in the middle of 2019. However, facing the advance of the extreme right and the election of a protofascist president, Jair Bolsonaro, it was concluded in the progressive accumulation along the process of unification.

This reoriented the whole time debate. This is our time! We must advance in the contribution of our militants with all our energies, placing ourselves at the service and disposal of the Movimento Esquerda Socialista organization in a dialectical incorporation guided by a potential qualitative intervention in the transformation of the world.

The working class and the people need a reorganization of their instruments of struggle to face the new period. And MES-PSOL will now be our tool for this!

According to Leon Trotsky, “Fascism is not simply a system of repression, acts of force and police terror. Fascism is a particular state system, based on the extermination of all elements of workers’ democracy in bourgeois society. “

Bolsonaro has already chosen his opponents! Already in his opening speech, he shouted loudly to his supporters: “This is our flag, which will never be red. It will only be red if it takes our blood to keep it green and yellow. ” He almost repeated the campaign threats of “shooting the left-wing militants” and “sending their opponents to the edge of the beach.” And, fatefully, he concluded saying that the people began to “free themselves from socialism.”

Reflexively, how is that possible?

Brazil is a peripheral country in which for 500 years the people have been a victim of predatory capitalism, “coronelismo”, patrimonialism, racism, corruption, theft, murders and exploitation of the lower class, that’s why our slogan is the one wielded by Rosa Luxemburg: “Socialism or Barbarism!”.

This is the tone of the period in which begins the advance of the extreme right and its international tentacles. An exclusively union and national or regional organization will have immense difficulties of survival to fight and to face the protofascism set up in the federal government, in state governments and in the parliaments.

With this in mind, on this date of January 4, 2019, for us who were activists of the CMRPR is a historical moment not only of joining, but of political unification with the revolutionary organization Movimento Esquerda Socialista!

Long live the fighters!
Long live the Partido Socialismo e Liberdade (Socialism and Freedom Party)!
Long live the Movimento Esquerda Socialista!
Long live the Fourth International!

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