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Venezuela: they shall not Pass!

At the summit of DAVOS that brings together the cream of world capitalist power, the theme of Venezuela could not be lacking. There, at the foot of the famous Swiss Alps and far from any buzz of the streets, the owners of the world take a stand on everything that might be relevant to the new world order that they try to confront in the midst of an unresolved economic crisis. On this podium, both cold and distant, the Peruvian government through the mouth of Vice President Mercedes Araoz spoke in unison with Iván Duque and Jair Bolsonaro, both representatives of the far right of the continent. Together they expressed the support and recognition of their governments to the self-proclaimed interim president of Venezuela Juan Guaidó.

Following the booklet of the Lima Group that acts as an instrument of the USA in Latin America, the Peruvian government has taken a step further in alignment with governments that are far from being proxies of democracy, but which in their name encourage an interventionist and even militarist to the crisis that Venezuela is experiencing.

What Trump intends, in short, is to impose a hard blow to the Bolivarian process initiated by Chavez, ending the dismantling of what remains of that experience and leaving a hard lesson for the peoples of Latin America. Basically, it aims to take control of the resources of the region increasingly in dispute with Chinese neo-imperialism.

Certainly the economic, social and humanitarian crisis that forced more than 3 million Venezuelans to flee their homeland is a sad reality. And it is also true that Maduro’s own illegitimacy is being questioned by Chavista sectors accusing the regime of violating the Bolivarian Constitution to assert itself in power usurped by a bureaucracy with its own interests. But even if all this were in question, the Latin American left could not fail to take a critical look at these processes not to repeat the experience, to draw conclusions about what it can do and what not to do.

What touches us now is that we oppose all interventionist policies. May the Venezuelan people themselves find the way to a democratic exit. May we be receptive to Venezuelan migrants who come to our countries to escape hunger. May the international pressure continue in the direction of the dialogue to avoid an increase of the violence and the process ends in a bloodshed and fire of the popular protests that have jumped since January 23 committing the actions of street in the traditional bastions chavistas.

Trump’s policy did nothing more than throw fuel at the stake with unpredictable consequences for the Venezuelan people themselves whose right to self-determination must be respected at all costs.

The conservative and colonialist offensive must be defeated in Venezuela and throughout Latin America.

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