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Yes to dialogue, No to interventionism!

Before the serious events that occur in Venezuela we express the following:
1 – Historically, Peru has maintained a diplomatic tradition of respect for national sovereignty and peaceful resolution of conflicts, totally opposed to the interventionist and warmongering exits that today maintains the Chancellery. We call on the government of Martín Vizcarra to reinstall Peru’s international politics against Venezuela with national and Latin American interests in mind, not following the ideological roadmap orchestrated by the government of Donald Trump.
2 – In the grave situation in Venezuela, recognizing the parallel government of Juan Guaidó, as the United States has just followed, followed by Peru and other countries of the Lima Group, expresses interventionism and encourages a dangerous confrontation that can lead to a greater spiral violence. There is direct responsibility of Nicolás Maduro in this crisis, but in sovereign countries presidents are not elected by the international correlation of forces, but by the peoples participating and doing politics, seeking and negotiating exits to their internal conflicts through established democratic dialogue and mechanisms.
3. We reject any military interventionism and call for peaceful exits to achieve political stability. In Venezuela, social polarization, expressed in the streets, is fueled by the inability of the elites to reach agreements. The longer it takes to reach a negotiated exit, the more risk there will be for violent outflows. It is urgent that the different sectors in conflict admit the need for dialogue and talk, putting the interests of the population above all else.
4- The solution of the Venezuelan crisis will only be possible respecting the sovereignty, the human rights and the political coexistence between the nations. In times when the reactionary projects of xenophobia, machismo and the depredation of nature intend to gain ground and appeal to the war speech with ease, New Peru will always fight for that Latin America remains a zone of peace.

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