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Huancayo Manifesto – “Voices to Change Peru”

In the city of Huancayo, we’ve self-summoned the political organizations Perú Libre, MAS Democracia, El Movimiento Nuevo Perú, the Peruvian Communist Party, Frente de Integración Regional – FIRME and the Movimiento Mi Región to the Left Organizations Meeting “Voices of Change”, with the goal of starting a dialogue and setting down the bases of a democratic, popular and citizen project that can offer the country a political alternative, and a democratic and constitutional exit for the current crisis.

All of us, forces who wager on change, Left forces, progressives, commit to contributing for the articulation of a wide political and social majority that grows from the grassroots and dialogues with broad sectors of citizenship, with the popular demands and yearnings, with the great majorities that every so often demanded changes to overcome inequality, achieve a dignified life, take back sovereignty over our resources, develop farming, peasant economy, food safety, the defense of human rights, freedom of expression, gender equality, defend the self-determination of the peoples, defeat corruption and impunity, and in summary, defeat neoliberalism.

This great process must turn into a constitutional force and power that allows for the refoundation of the country, democratizing the State, decentering it and recovering it from the lobbies and the mafias, generating a new model of socioeconomic development based on national interests, with a transversal regionalization that overcomes a perspective based on administrative deconcentration and allows for regional development, just as for the welfare of citizens in a more egalitarian country, where the rights of the workers, women, young people, indigenous peoples, peasant communities are guaranteed.

We live in an exceptionally dramatic situation because of the crisis that corrodes the State’s institutions, but at the same time it is a historic opportunity for building from the Left, from the organized sectors of the people and of the citizenship, a potent political tool that is capable of contesting and defeating the traditional Right and all of the continuity forces which seek to sustain an order of things which no longer exist.

After the fall of PPK and the rise of Vizcarra to government, Fujimorism, Aprism and the gangster lobbies gathered around the CONFIEP (National Confederation of Private Business Institutions) that captured the State had their corruption made evident; but evident is also the neoliberal continuity intended by the current government to further deepen labor flexibilization, impose extractive projects, remove competences from decentralized governments, carry on a tax scheme favorable to large companies, and allow women to remain victims of femicide.

In light of this, a sustained citizen and popular mobilization was produced, which made several points for these measures and laws to be reverted. However, it was not able to be translated into a political proposition that guarantees necessities integrally. The people have been converted into a front line protagonist, exerting a real power facing attempts to be reduced. We are in a destituent process that must give way for a constituent process, because we need fundamental changes, at the start of which is the providing of a new Constitution.

In Huancayo we have begun a discussion of diverse topics about the constituent process as a way out of the crisis, the role of the left and its way to the conquest of a government and the construction of power to 2021 and the set of our challenges towards the bicentennial. Other initiatives that may occur and that we will add along the way. This is not an initiative that excludes others that we will promote, but it is an important initial step.

This process will be based on mutual respect and trust, tolerance, the exercise of parity and alternation, understanding unity as broadly as possible, that is, beyond the left, articulating with social organizations, popular sectors, progressive and patriotic sectors, decentralized movements, Andean and Amazonian movements, women’s sectors, productive sectors, agrarian and other sectors of citizenship, including young people, movements for diversity. To guarantee that this type of spaces are carried out in a decentralized way in different regions and to agglutinate more social leaders, politicians, trade unions, civic organizations, citizens’ collectives, defensive fronts that consolidate this wide national unity, democratic promoting the regional and national assemblies that conclude in an organic political structure facing 2021.

We will assume a program that aspires to the refoundation of the republic from a new constitution according to the new times in view of the fact that neoliberalism has demonstrated throughout the world not only its expiration but also its failure. The 1993 constitution has played a role in structuring the economic model that has led to the emergence of intertwined crises of a systemic, moral and ethical nature. In this panorama of chaos, the construction of a new constitution is urgent, as a process that is born from the grassroots and the citizenry that gathers the desire and dreams of the popular classes to achieve a different country, the constituent moment in which we find ourselves demands the participation of left and progressive forces for the inauguration of a new republic of citizens and workers.

We are the ones who affirm, the ones who have faith, illusion, will to fight and power, the ones who believe that it is possible to build a new Peru, within a new world. From these lands of rebellious settlers and workers we call on all the Peruvian people to change history, to organize and mobilize against corruption and impunity, in defense of labor and citizen rights. The People’s Assembly on February 16 will be a fundamental milestone to build a social and political majority for change and the refoundation of the Nation. And the time is now.


Huancayo, 26 January 2019


Perú Libre (Free Peru). Vladimir Cerrón

Movimiento Nuevo Perú (New Peru Movement). Veronika Mendoza

Partido Comunista Peruano (Communist Party of Peru). Luis Villanueva

MAS Democracia (MORE Democracy). Gregorio Santos.

FIRME. Zenón Cuevas

Movimiento Mi Región (My Region Movement). Richard Huacoto

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