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Translated by Clara Baeder


[Movimento Esquerda Socialista – Socialist Left Movement: The Venezuelan crisis puts Latin America back at the centre of the world situation. Gauidó’s attempted coup, organized directly by the U.S. Department of State and immediately supported by subservient governments such as Bolsonaro’s and Iván Duque’s, seek to legitimize the self-proclaimed and illegitimate “interim government”. Although not the most likely scenario, foreign military intervention is an inconceivable threat.
It is the task of the socialist left to defend the self-determination of the Venezuelan people and the national sovereignty of that country. Guaidó is an illegitimate puppet – with whom one cannot have relations or links – that does not advocate democratic or class interests, but rather intends to promote a civilian/military coup in Venezuela. At the same time, the best way to support the Venezuelan people in their struggle to recover their standard of living and for the right to self-organization and demonstration is to defend popular sovereignty without the intervention of foreign powers, criminal transnational corporations and internal lackeys. In the current situation in Venezuela, only peace can mean the search for justice, which cannot be generalized to any situation.
This note, signed by various organizations of the new Latin American left, reaffirms its anti-imperialist position in the face of any attempt to interfere in that country, as well as proposes a negotiated solution that allows the Venezuelan people to recover their sovereignty. In the face of the interventionist threat, we close ranks with all those who want a sovereign and peaceful solution to the crisis in Venezuela.]



In the light of the worsening of the crisis in Venezuela, the undersigned organizations of the Latin American left endorse the following:

– The drums of war that sound today in our continent reveal a dangerous geopolitical game where colonialism is not being overcome. As has not happened in decades, the possibility of a violent confrontation in the region, which is expanding from Venezuela to neighboring countries, is a latent risk that could end with peaceful coexistence. The current posture of the major countries aggravates the crisis and puts a strain on the global scenario. The United States exacerbates the alignments with its illegal economic sanctions, rejection of dialogue and permanent interventionist threats. The positions of the OAS and the Lima Group do not tend to be bridges, but rather entrench positions, ignoring the right and self-determination of peoples.

– We believe that the only way to address the complex situation prevailing in Venezuela is through dialogue, with unrestricted respect for international law and human rights. We must prioritise diplomacy to restore the tranquillity of the Venezuelan people: only then can tensions be reduced and the use of force avoided. This implies the commitment of both parties not to resort to violence, whether on the part of national or international actors. Likewise, no necessary aid should be politicized and such efforts should be made within the framework established by specialized international agencies.

– We salute the recent meetings held in Montevideo, Uruguay, to present both an Agreement Mechanism and an International Contact Group. Only those who want a war scenario in Venezuela can deny the importance of both processes and their complementarity. It is the framework of these meetings that must dialogue and negotiate the various elements of the crisis, including its political and humanitarian aspects.

– We advocate that, within the framework of dialogue and the Montevideo proposals, not only the participation of political groups and the international community should be encouraged, but also that of organized society. Popular organizations, social movements and human rights defenders, both in Venezuela and in the region, have a role to play in building trust among political actors and fostering peace in the land of Bolivar.

We have the generational challenge of breaking the cycles of internal armed conflicts and imperialist interventions. We say to the Venezuelan people that we will never be in favor of authoritarianism or military intervention; on the contrary, they can always count on us to help in peaceful exits and in dialogue.

We invite the Lefts of the continent and the progressive forces to demonstrate and actively mobilize for peace in Venezuela. We will not let the war destroy our America.


15 February 2019






FUERZA COMÚN – (Colômbia)

PODER E UNIDAD – (Colômbia)


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