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In defense of the self-determination of the Venezuelan people: no to the intervention of Trump and his lackey Guaidó!

Translation: Clara Baeder

Source: https://movimentorevista.com.br/2019/02/em-defesa-da-autodeterminacao-do-povo-venezuelano-nao-a-intervencao-de-trump-e-do-lacaio-guaido/

In recent weeks, US intervention in Venezuela has been organized by the Trump government and reactionary figures in US policy, such as Marco Rubio and John Bolton. His goal is to let Juan Guaidó, a puppet of US interests, take the presidency of Venezuela in order to control a political transition that will benefit the far right of that country and the transnational oil companies.
In Latin America, immediately, subservient governments like Bolsonaro and Iván Duque rushed to support the recognition of a self-proclaimed and illegitimate Guaidó “interim government” organized directly by the US State Department. The meeting of Ernesto Araujo, Bolsonaro’s minister, with Bolton served to tighten the siege against Venezuela and join the Rubio/Bolton coup plot, further polarizing the situation of the country’s political and humanitarian crisis. Although not the most likely scenario, foreign military intervention is an unthinkable threat. Faced with such a threat, we close ranks with all those who want a sovereign and peaceful solution to the impasse.
It is the task of the socialist left to defend the self-determination of the Venezuelan people and the national sovereignty of that country. Guaidó is an illegitimate puppet – with whom one cannot have relations or ties – that does not advocate democratic or class interests, but rather seeks to foment a civil/military coup in Venezuela. At the same time, the best way to support the Venezuelan people in their struggle for the recovery of their standard of living and the right to self-organization and rallying is to defend that the Venezuelan people exercise their popular sovereignty without the intervention of foreign powers, transnational criminals and internal minions.
The role that Uruguay, Mexico and even the Pope are fulfilling is important for an understanding capable of winning the world public opinion to stop any intervention, defending a pact in the form of peace agreements already obtained in other countries to avoid the greatest setbacks – either as a bloodbath or an imperialist interference.
This does not mean lending any political support to Maduro’s measures, but to carry forward the logic that, in the face of an attack on a backward country, we defend national sovereignty.
It is unlikely that the intervention will take place as a military action. The USA carries many defeats to take the risk in this area. But even if it does not have a military character, there is a foreign aggression stimulating internal violence and trying to provoke, at the limit, an internal military division so that a wing of the armed forces accepts to be part of the game of the internal agent of external intervention, Guaidó.
Moreover, in addition to words, we need to join forces with unions and social movements to welcome Venezuelans in Brazil, defending their status as immigrants, guaranteeing true humanitarian aid, outside the fallacies of the United States, and advocating peace on the continent, especially at this time.
It is also essential to extend to working-class organizations around the world, and in particular in Latin America, to combat the measures of Bolsonaro, Duque and Macri, who behave like Trump’s watchdogs and threaten the peace and life of our brothers in Venezuela. The left-wing unions, social organizations and political parties must form committees in defense of Venezuelan self-determination, peace and sovereignty, demanding that the aggression against this people orchestrated by Washington cease.
Trump, take your hands off Venezuela!
No to Guaidó’s coup!
Neither intervention nor civil war!
In defense of the self-determination of the Venezuelan people and of peace!

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