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Source: Diário de Santa Maria, March 14, 2019)

Translated by Clara Baeder


A year ago, PSOL Councillor Marielle Franco and her driver Anderson Gomes were killed in Rio de Janeiro. An attack that generated a wave of commotion in Brazil and in the world and placed at the center of the political debate a question, to which we still have no answer: who ordered the killing of Marielle and why?

It was only this week that those who pulled the trigger and those who drove the vehicle were identified. The arrest of two policemen involved in the crime represents an important advance in the clarification of the case, but it is still insufficient. What is crucial is to know who the commanders are and what the motivation is.

The persecution of those who defend human rights is marked fiercely in Brazilian history. Before Marielle, we had Chico Mendes, Dorothy Stang and so many other fighters who had their lives taken for opposing powerful interests. Women, the black people, the indigenous population and the LGBTI community are the preferred targets. It is no coincidence that these are the segments with the least access to power spaces.

Marielle Franco was a black, LGBTTI woman of popular origin and a left-wing woman. She fearlessly faced the strength of the militias in Rio.

There are serious indications that the Bolsonaro family may have relations with the militias. The link between political power and parastatal repressive force controlling territories and suffocating communities is nothing new in Brazil. The novelty lies in the strong suspicion of a relationship between these segments and the group established in the government, which provides the country’s political tragedy with elements of mafia action.

We will not rest until we know who ordered Marielle’s death and for what reason. We, the members of PSOL, will continue to carry the memory and struggles of Marielle, who represented a spotless defense of equality and of a fairer Brazil and world, where profit is not above the common good and the lives of people.

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