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Algeria. Statement of the Socialist Workers Party (PST)

Having taken note of the invitation of the PST on April 21 by “the presidency of the republic” to “a consultation meeting on the preparation of the presidential” and which takes place Monday, April 22, 2019 at Club des Pins, the National Secretariat of the party decided as follows:

1- The PST, active and active part of the revolutionary popular uprising since February 22, 2019, considers that the current system and its institutions, including the interim presidency of Mr. Bensalah, are illegitimate. Therefore, the PST rejects all the decisions taken by these institutions, including the organization of a presidential election on July 4th.

2- As a result, the PST has decided not to take part in this masquerade called a “consultation meeting” which reinforces the passage of current de facto power on the one hand and, on the other hand, gives it a political guarantee. .

3- The PST vigorously denounces the repression of the citizens, and demands that all the light be shed on the numerous abuses committed by the security forces against the children of the people, including the suspicious death of the martyr Ramzi Yettou following his arrest on April 12, 2019.

4- The PST calls on the current de facto power to proclaim without delay the repeal of all measures and the removal of all obstacles to the effective exercise of democratic freedoms, including the freedom of expression, demonstration, organization and trade union rights including the right to strike.

5- The PST considers that the current prosecutions against some political figures and some oligarchs of the Bouteflika regime, which is still in place, are the result of the settlement of accounts between the factions and the interest groups in power, in recomposition in light of the new balance of power within it. They are a sham operation “clean hands anticorruption” in order to seduce the masses and restore the coat of arms of the current power of fact. They finally reveal that justice to orders still works and that its independence from political power and injunctions is a fight that is just beginning.

6- The PST reiterates its call for the imperative self-organization of the popular masses, the mobilization of workers for the reappropriation of the UGTA and their union structure and the implementation of conditions allowing the election of a constituent assembly sovereign and representative of our democratic and social aspirations.

The National Secretariat.

Algiers, April 22, 2019

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