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First Reflections of Spanish Elections

The general elections of April 28 have brought the first good news: the combined mobilization of the “people of the left” and nationalism, in its different versions, with the Catalan independence movement as a cheat of the bow and the spectacular rise of EH Bildu, have defeated in a clamorous way to “trifachito”. Spain is a country of countries and the democratic solution to the national question can not be postponed. In addition to this first consideration, I make some reflections of urgency:

1. The right-wing formations have had a historic defeat. The PP suffers a huge debacle, its worst result ever with 66 seats. Vox subtracts votes everywhere but the effect of the provincial constituency causes a drain of deputies. Pablo Casado, and his mentor Aznar, are very touched and will surely begin the movements to remove them from there. Systematic corruption passes bill deferred to PP. Vox does not arrive where he thought he was going to arrive and he keeps 24 deputies. It is no small thing that the extreme right between so strong in Congress but stay far from what was expected. His presence has served to stress the entire left and provoke a record turnout of 75%. Today they did not happen. C, s grows a lot but his erratic strategy will leave him out of the government pacts in my opinion. Rivera bet everything on trifachito and that does not add up. Agree now with Sanchez after all the insults of these months and what was said in the campaign is too much even for an unscrupulous guy like Rivera. The Spanish right is way below your expectations.

2. The PSOE wins comfortably with 123 seats and obtains a large flow of votes from Unidas Podemos and abstention. Sanchez ahead of the elections with audacity taking advantage of the ominous picture of Columbus. But we know that the PSOE is not a legit party and will not do anything to confront the big companies, Brussels or banks. No confidence in those who have already demonstrated almost always that their loyalties are with those who rule and not with those who are below.

3. The Catalan pro-independence forces win a great victory. The extreme harassment of Spanishism reinforces them enormously. And there is no majority based on the left that can survive without giving a democratic solution to the Catalan conflict, starting by freeing political prisoners. In Euskadi the PNV and EH Bildu also rise a lot. Spain is multinational and whoever goes against it will crash again and again.

4. Unidas Podemos get a better result than the polls predicted but suffers a major setback and loses all the deputies in the interior Spain. The good performance of Pablo Iglesias in the debates and the impressive mobilization of the social left to go to vote have saved the furniture. But now the task should focus on demanding real changes for the working social majority: the repeal of labor reforms, a change in the productive model that fights against climate change, strong feminist agenda, repeal of the LOMCE and the Immigration Law. The priority should be the policies and not so much the chairs. Tomorrow we will continue analyzing. Today, at least, I feel a little relief.

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