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The first fatal victim of Lava Jato

[INTRODUCTORY NOTE by Bernardo Correa: “Who is Alan García? Alan Garcia Perez was twice president of Peru (from 1985 to 1990 and from 2006 to 2011). Its first government has like mark the degeneration of the Popular American Revolutionary Alliance (APRA) after the death of Haya de La Torre, its founder. His first government, despite anti-imperialist rhetoric and progressive measures such as the nationalization of banks, was marked by rampant hyperinflation (reaching 1,722.3% in 1988 and 2,775% in 1989) and corruption scandals. García finished his first government with 9% popular approval.  

After Fujimori’s dictatorship and the Toledo government, Alan García returned to Peru’s presidency in 2006. His second government was marked by even deeper corruption scandals, especially involving promiscuous relations with Odebrecht, Camargo Corrêa and OAS in the works of Interoceanic.

Over him were serious charges: commutation of sentences to criminals linked to drug trafficking, cover-up of criminal actions, among others. But the most serious are the murders in the Bagua clash between indigenous peoples and the federal police, which resulted in the death of 22 policemen and 10 civilians.

Known as Baguazo, the confrontation stemmed from decrees signed by Alan García that aimed to open up for large mining investments in the Peruvian Amazon. At the time the indigenous peoples warned against the human rights violation of the miners, but the former president opted for repression in response. On the same day of the confrontation in Bagua, Alan García declared before the press that the indigenous people would not be “citizens of first class”.

The Peruvian people long ago did not consider Alan Garcia a progressive politician. His reputation as corrupt is something quite popular and APRA today is a right-wing party that has absolutely nothing to do with the initial project of Victor Raúl Haya de la Torre. Alan Garcia was a kind of “living archive” that resolved to surrender all the schemes of which it was part could mean a real erosion of the Peruvian political regime. Your suicide should not be viewed as a heroic act, but essentially a burning file.

The first fatal victim of Lava Jato

by Tito Prado – 12 Apr

Victim of himself, former President Alan Garcia Perez killed himself with a bullet in the head. Just the opposite of what the national press and the neoliberal right in the country maintains, García Pérez is neither a martyr for democracy nor his last gesture can be identified as an act of honor.

When the overwhelming evidence pointed to him as “evil boss” in a horrifying tangle of corruption that compromised his closest collaborators, Garcia opted for the escape again, this time, with no return ticket. He had previously tried to apply for asylum at the Uruguayan embassy shortly after touching the doors of Costa Rica and Colombia.

The harsh attempt to thwart the anti-corruption lawsuits against those who crack down on tax inspectors who do their duty are closing the circle of mega corruption, can not pass. We must not allow IMPUNITY to be imposed in the face of serious crimes that cover almost the entire traditional political class. Two imprisoned ex-presidents (Fujimori and PPK), the fugitive people (Toledo), another prosecuted (Humala) and the fifth killed by hand, put Peru before the eyes of the world as an unfeasible country, infested with corrupt corrupt authorities with the big multinationals do not doubt in stealing at hand fills via commission that allow large foreign and national corporations to mortgage the interests of the country yet knowing that with this they are closing the doors to development.

Garcia Pérez may have been able to go to jail in the event that there was no prescription of the crimes in his first government. All cases for crimes against humanity have been truncated. The massacre of the penitentiaries, Cayara, Accomarca, Bagua and many more will forever be associated with his name. Faenones such as the electric train, the MUC dollars, the Mirage, the petroaudios, narcoindultos will be a matter of study for several generations to show how it bought and sold the judicial power in all those years in which Apra enjoyed good health.

Even now, that the pain attaches to the family, one has to ask what will be of the bad fortune in the shadow of power, because of one thing we are sure, the dance of millions that have been reportedly to their closest collaborators, will hardly be recovered.

With Alan García Pérez, a chapter of history is closed, its wake is far from Apra’s early years when they set out to confront imperialism, nationalize lands and industries, and unite Latin America. On the contrary, the Pacific Alliance that was formed under his rule was used to divide our countries and facilitate US imperialist plans.

If we have reached this point where the corrupt are all queuing before the courts it is because there are a people who did not stop taking in their hands the fight against corruption. This is the biggest guarantee and possibly the only one to go until the end.

Taxes have to keep doing their job and justice has to reach all those who have lent to those traded under the table who have always favored multinationals. He calls it neoliberal model, the mother of the lamb in this feast of businessmen colluded with the state to make the long-barreled boot called Peru. Enough already !!

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