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15M – National Education Strike in Brazil

On May 15, the streets of Brazil will be occupied by a multitude of students, teachers, and other education workers and other categories in the struggle against the Bolsonaro government and its recent attacks on public education. In a few months of government, Bolsonaro directly attacked public education and the study of the humanities, disqualifying public schools and universities and politically persecuting students and teachers for their political positions. He wants to suppress careers in sociology and philosophy because he says that there “students are educated in Marxist political thought.

Recently, the current Minister of Education declared a 30% cut in the budget of universities and federal institutes, making many initiatives, projects and even the existence of educational centers unviable. On the other hand, it proposes the end of the pedagogical autonomy of schools and the legalization of domestic education, emptying the reflection and critical thinking necessary for any learning process.

The protest of the educational community was not long in coming. There are hundreds of student assemblies that call for mobilization rejecting the obscurantist plan of Bolsonaro and his minister of education. Schools, technical institutes and universities are being built in strongholds against Bolsonaro’s reactionism.

On May 15, students and educators will stop Brazil! It is very important that all the comrades outside the country are in solidarity with this great movement against Bolsonaro! International solidarity is very important: posters, videos, statements and any other form of support will make a big difference in the struggle against the far-right president.

Support this mobilization! Send your demonstrations of support and let’s defeat together this macho, racist and LGBTophobic threat that is affecting Brazil today.

Our weapon is education! Be part of the Book Levant!
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