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‘Book Uprising’ against Bolsonaro gets international solidarity

The revolt of Brazilian students and teachers expressed in the streets in hundreds of cities of the country received international solidarity from many places around the world. Left on the Move gathered some of these supports:


In the United States, comrades from the East Bay Democratic Socialists of America also expressed their solidarity with the struggle for education in Brazil:

Across Brazil today, tens of thousands of students, teachers, and supporters poured into the streets to demonstrate against far-right president Jair Bolsonaro and his recent devastating cuts to public education. We support the #tsunamidaeducação and stand with the students of Brazil in their fight against Bolsonaro’s destructive regime and his assault on education. Solidarity! ✊


“In May 2019, Harvard University and the Afro-Latin American Research Institute hosted the Mark Claster Mamolen Workshop on Afro-Latin American Studies. From more than 500 applications from several countries, 16 researchers were selected, of which 10 are from Brazilian institutions – 9 from public universities. This is a demonstration of the vitality of Brazilian research and public institutions, contrary to the discourses and cuts in resources implemented by the federal government. Public University, present!” by James Green



Solidarity with Brazil, also coming from Peru, through the comrades of the New Peru Movement of the city of Tacna.


Dr. Luis Bonilla-Molina, representative of Red Global Local por la Calidad Educativa, expresses his support for the struggle of Brazilian students and teachers directly from Venezuela.


Pleno apoio à greve nacional de estudantes e professores no Brasil!



In Geneva, organizers of the feminist strike declare all support for the book uprising in Brazil!


Students and researchers from Paris also expressed their support for the Brazilian Education Strike!


Third Meeting of Political Innovation in Mexico City in solidarity with the educational mobilization of Brazil.


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