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Left on the Move Special Newsletter: 15M – The “Book Uprising” against Bolsonaro

Last Wednesday (05/15), the Bolsonaro government met its first massive opposition movement in the streets of Brazil: the “Levante dos Livros” (Book Uprising). A gigantic national strike in defense of education put hundreds of thousands of students and teachers on the streets of more than 200 cities in the country, after the announcement that the government would cut billions of reais from universities and public schools.

To detail how the beginning of this true demonstrations tsunami led by the Brazilian youth began, Left on the Move prepared a Special Newsletter. In the links highlighted below, our readers will be able to access a report with photographs of some of the country’s major cities and watch a video of the intervention of the Federal Deputy Fernanda Melchionna (PSOL-RS) in the Chamber of Deputies, asking for the resignation of the obscurantist Minister of Education. In addition, we shared: an article by Federal Deputy Sâmia Bomfim (PSOL-SP), an analysis by the philosopher Vladimir Safatle, the international support coming from all around the world and the repercussion in international media of the “Education Tsunami”.

We wish you all an excellent reading!

Editorial Board – 05.17

Hundreds of thousands occupy Brazil’s streets against Bolsonaro | by Left on the Move Editorial Board/MES

The May 15th demonstrations showed that the government loses the population’s trust by the hour, and can be defeated through popular organization.

Deputy Fernanda Melchionna (PSOL-RS) cornering the Minister of Education in the Chamber of Deputies – [VIDEO] | by Fernanda Melchionna

Federal deputy of the PSOL calls for the resignation of Minister of Education, vocalizing the voices of the people and youth, who took to the streets creating a giant #EducationTsunami (#TsunamiDaEducação)!


The street message against the “useless idiot” by Sâmia Bomfim

Demonstrations for education have taken over Brazil, cornering Bolsonaro.

‘Book Uprising’ against Bolsonaro gets international solidarity | by DSA, Movimiento Nuevo Perú, La Aurora-OM and others

The national education strike in Brazil has received support from several places around the world.

Useful idiots | by Vladimir Safatle

Those who have been on the streets understood that there is no negotiation with this government


International dissemination of the ‘book uprising’ in Brazil| by Left on the Move Editorial Board (In Portuguese and Spanish)

The demonstrations against the cuts on Education funds were spread by the main journalistic publications in the world




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