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The street message against the “useless idiot”

May 15, 2019 was a historic day for Brazil. Citizens from all over the country took to the streets to protest against the 30% cuts in education and the conscious “tricks” committed by Bolsonaro and his Minister of Education, Abraham Weintraub, against universities, federal institutes and public education.

The demonstrations took place in almost 200 Brazilian cities, including major capitals such as Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Salvador and Fortaleza. In São Paulo, 250,000 people – including students, researchers, professors and ordinary workers – were on Paulista Avenue to remind the government that ‘balbúrdia’ is to commit the budget of an area so fundamental to the development of a nation.
Faced with the message from the streets, it was left for the president fujón – who once again was embarrassed in the U.S. to visit a former head of state without being invited – to criticize the demonstrators and try to reduce the political and social importance of the event.

But the time is coming when Bolsonaro will be forced to change his speech, because everyone has already perceived that he is a farce. What happened yesterday in Brazil was only the beginning. The deconstruction of that government will come from the streets: from the universities he despises, from the workers he forsakes, from the women he violates, and from the blacks he kills. A struggle of the majority of the people, in defense of their rights and against a government that oppresses them.
It is natural for new demonstrations to take place outside Brazil, once the problem of education is far from being solved. Refusing to suspend the cuts, the president prefers to attack the protesters and say they are all “militants. In addition, he discredits the Brazilian students, saying that the “boys” of our country have terrible grades in the international rankings, as if that could justify the cuts. Parallel to all this, the investigations of corruption within his family, symbolized by Flávio Bolsonaro, are advancing by leaps and bounds.

Another unfolding of May 15 is the encounter between the struggles in defense of education and against the reform of pensions. Both themes are at the center of the bolsonarist strategy of attacking the Brazilian people and, therefore, the struggles are strengthened together.

The next date of shutdown in universities and schools, and street demonstrations in defense of education, is already marked: May 30. Before that, next week, May 23, in São Paulo, there should be a demonstration called by high school students. And on June 14, Brazil will stop in the general strike against the reform of pensions, in defense of education, jobs and wages.

The self-organization of the people and of the students is the key to victory. In schools, universities, institutes, courses, research groups and in independent and democratic entities, the millions who have gone to the streets at # 15M must continue to meet to decide the next steps of the struggle. The Brazilian people are on the side of the demonstrators!

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