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Juntos was at the pickets and acts of last Friday’s nationwide strike. From Pelotas to Natal, from Curitiba to Santarém, we were side by side with the workers, helping to stop production and placing the struggle against the Social Security Reform and the cuts in education at the center of the political debate.

Ato em Porto Alegre-RS

So far, we have made an intense journey of struggles in defense of education, starting on May 15, passing through 30M and having the 14J as another step. This journey does not end now. The students’ movement has risen, either on its own, or together with the workers, and it must continue.

Piquete em Brasília-DF

The next step to continue the fight for education is to build a very strong UNE Congress. The act of July 12 should make a real siege of Brasilia, demanding the Fora Weintraub and that can win the fall of the education arm. We are the generation of Marielle Franco, heirs of Honestino Guimarães, Ieda Delgado and many others who were of steel in the lead years. Our responsibility is immense, but the struggle of education points the way.

In Brasilia it will be bigger. Our courage is their fear!


Photos of the acts and pickets that Juntos built throughout the country on 14J

Piquete na USP.

Piquete na UFRJ

Piquete em Porto Alegre-RS

Ato em Belém-PA.

Ato em Belo Horizonte-MG

Ato em Sobral-CE

Com David Miranda no Rio de Janeiro.

Ato em Natal-RN

Ato em SP.

Ato em Brasília-DF.

Ato em Cariri-CE.

Ato em Pelotas-RS.

Ato em Santarém-PA.

Ato em Ponta Grossa-PR.

Ato em Campinas-SP.

Ato em Curitiba-PR.

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