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The Intercept leaks prove: Moro was acting illegally even before he was in government

Translated by Du Carniel


Operation Car Wash started by revealing corruption schemes involving all the parties that governed the so called New Republic. Relations between PP, PMDB, PT, PSDB, PTB, DEM and the contractors who have always controlled public works, since the military regime, have been uncovered. This is a fact. But the revelations soon began to reveal more the corruption of some than others ones. Selection was quickly determined by the political interests of the bourgeoisie in its attempt to consolidate the PT’s removal from the power.

When Sergio Moro agreed to become Bolsonaro’s Justice Minister, his political interest in the case became evident and it has collapsed any hypothesis that he had been an impartial judge. Instead, he intervened to get Lula out of the presidential race and facilitate the election of his current boss. A boss who also confessed that he had agreed with Moro his nomination to the Supreme Court as compensation for the wear and tear he would have had by accepting the position of minister. One illegality after another. The electoral process that brought Bolsonaro to power was marked by a series of distortions and manoeuvres, the main one being, as we pointed out in our writings at the time, the prevention of the poll leader from presenting himself as a candidate.

By recognizing the class character of justice and its political interests, on our part, although we have always condemned PT’s option to govern with the bourgeoisie and to have adopted its methods, at no time do we accept the arrest of Lula.

Now, the TheIntercept leaks show new and conclusive evidence of the combined and illegal action between prosecutors and judge Sérgio Moro, who once again showed that he did not act as a judge, but as an investigator and chief prosecutor.

Faced with these very serious facts, the population must be aware that we cannot trust the institutions dominated by the bourgeoisie and must unite and organize ourselves in order to defend our own interests.

As a practical measure, the immediate release of former President Lula is necessary. There is already prevision on the progressivity of his sentence and the possibility of house arrest. Procrastinating about this request from the defense of the former president is to confirm the line of political persecution. The issue involving Lula’s situation does not concern only his supporters, but all those interested in defending democratic freedoms in the country, constantly threatened by the Bolsonaro government.

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