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After a huge political victory in the CONUNE, our task is to mobilize until we win the Weintraub and Bolsonaro’s attacks

The UNE (Students National Union) Congress – CONUNE, held from July 10 to 14, was one of the most important in the history of the entity. After 40 years of the UNE reconstruction congress that took place in Salvador, it was during the Bolsonaro era that the entity’s most politicized congress occurred, with massive participation in elections at each university and more than 5,500 accredited delegates, as well as more than 10,000 students participating in debates, discussions and the final plenary.

With the strength of the “tsunami in defense of the education” that the students conducted in the streets in May, the student movement needed a broad space that could continue the schedule of struggles, and that was the objective that the Left Opposition pursued from the beginning to the end of the congress.

Faced with so many attacks by the Bolsonaro government and so many setbacks for youth and the working class, such as the approval of the social security reform, education was the one who managed to react and dispute in the streets the country’s course. In this scenario, the Left Opposition played a historical role by being the expression of the mobilizations of May 15 and 30, as well as an alternative direction for the students that can carry the responsibility of being the generation that will not give up its rights. Our great challenge was for the congress to be able to express in a qualitative way the street mobilizations, including the act of July 12th as part of this schedule.

The Left Opposition candidates for the presidency of UNE: Gabryel, Tarsila and Maria Carol unified the movements: “Correnteza”, “Juntos”, “UJC”, “Vamos à Luta”, “Enfrente” and “JCA”, offering the congress a public expression of a more radical and combative student grassroots movement. With the addition of the “Juventude Sem Medo” movement, we were able to form the largest unified opposition coalition in the last 20 years, also receiving support from “Pajeú”, “Alicerce”, “Faísca” and “Rebeldia”, thus obtaining 1228 votes. We from movement Juntos! are grateful to the 230 delegates who have voted with us.

After the end of Congress, this political victory now carries with it the great responsibility of defeating the government’s attacks. The launch of the “FUTURE-SE” project right after Conune is an evidence that the government intends to completely exterminate education since it was students and teachers who were the main barriers against their project of dismantling rights.

This attack sets 13 August as an important day, when we can start a massive offensive against Weintraub and Bolsonaro. It is important that every university and every student entity should be a trench in the fight against the project of destroying education. It is essential that each student be able to recognize himself as part of those who can gain a social majority and defeat the setbacks that the government imposes.

The student movement needs to bet all their chips on the streets on August 13th. It is time to encourage the effective participation of students to build the largest student assemblies in history, mobilize and convince the whole society of the importance of education and the need to join the streets in defense of education, universities and against setbacks imposed by the Bolsonaro government. Our task now is to mobilize until we win!

General results!

Total votes: 5715

Ticket 1 (AE + EPS) – 200 – (3,5%)

Ticket 2 (MRT) – removed

Ticket 3 (Alicerce) – removed

Ticket 4 (PSB) – 234 – (4.9%)

Ticket 5 (Unified Opposition) – 1228 – (21.49%)

Ticket 6 (FBP) – 4053 – (70.92%)

Adriano Mendes is a Law student (UFPA) and a member of the National Working Group of Juntos!.

Ana Paula Santos é estudante de Matemática da UFRGS, membro do Grupo de Trabalho Nacional do Juntos! e Coordenadora Geral do DCE UFRGS.

Translated by Genaro Moraes.

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