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Left On The Move Newsletter – 07.06

The highlight of this Left on the Move Newsletter is the booklet “FEMINISM AND ANTICAPITALISM – Women in the construction of an alternative of power”, produced by the women of the Socialist Left Movement (MES). Systematizing the accumulation of feminism in the organization, the text that we publish below has as its main objective to face the challenge of “organizing the resistance from the women’s struggle and building for Brazil an alternative of power to the left, socialist, connected with the force of world feminism”.

Another article shared in this Bulletin is a report by Tamara Knezevic, leader of solidaritéS, about the victorious feminist strike held by Swiss workers on June 14. In response to a call from the congress of women delegates of the Union of Swiss Syndicates (USS), the Swiss crossed their arms and went to the streets in order to demand the implementation of the laws of gender equality conquered by the feminist movement in the country throughout history.

This Bulletin also includes an analysis by Gilbert Achcar on the democratic rebellions that the world is witnessing in Sudan and Algeria. On the political situation in the Algerian country and the challenges of the revolutionary left, we publish an article by Hocine Belalloufi, a journalist and militant of the Socialist Workers Party (PST). Regarding the immense mobilization of the young people of Hong Kong against the attempt of the Chinese regime to interfere even more in the civil rights of this semi-autonomous region, we have prepared a brief retrospective of the Umbrellas Movement.

Finally, the Portal of the Left on the Move joins the campaign for the freedom of Ali Wazir and Mohsin Dawar, Pakistani deputies elected to the Parliament who are now suffering persecution by the State.

A good reading for everyone, and see you soon!

Editorial Board – 07.07

FEMINISM AND CAPITALISM – Women In The Construction Of An Alternative of Power | by Women of the MES

This work is a publication of Sâmia Bomfim and Fernanda Melchionna, both federal deputies for PSOL,and reflects a concentrated effort to bring together all that we have built up as our conception of feminism. This view has been developed through many discussions, which have naturally intensified since we came across a new feminist wave.


The June 14 strike towards a mass feminist movement? | by Tamara Knežević

If the 2019 strike assumed an unprecedented scale, this is due, especially, to its decentralized nature. From the moment that collectives in neighborhoods, workplaces and schools were created, women* took possession of this necessary method of political action that is the strike.


Algeria: Popular Mobilizations impose first setbacks to regime | by Hocine Bellaloufi

The political crisis that engulfs Algeria today did not fall from the sky. It is part of the continuity of a crisis of the regime, which it has deepened.


Algeria, Sudan… The Seasons After The Arab Spring | by Gilbert Achcar

Images of popular protests that recall the revolutionary movement of 2011 have dominated news from the Arabic-speaking world for months. Uprisings began in Sudan on December 19 and in Algeria with the marches of February 22. They revived memories of the huge, peaceful demonstrations early in the Arab Spring that shook Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, and Syria.


One Country, Two Systems and A Multitude Of Demonstrators For Democracy | by Charles Rosa 

Known for its opulent and modern skyscrapers, Hong Kong has become a synonym for a series of democratic demonstrations in international news. That is because hundreds of thousands of its citizens have been coming onto the streets in recent weeks in order to block a bill that facilitates extraditions to mainland China.


The Situation in Waziristan – Release Ali Wazeer, Mohsin Dawar and PTM activists | by International Campaign

On May 26, the army fired on a non-violent protest of the Pashtun Defence Movement (PTM), killing at least 13 people and injuring dozens. The two Members of the National Assembly of the PTM were arrested, Ali Wazeer first, Mohsin Dawar later. Curfew was imposed on Waziristan.


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