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Left On The Move Newsletter – 07.25


The highlight of this edition of the Left On The Move Newsletter is the invitation of the Socialist Left Movement (MES/PSOL) to fellow international organizations for the international seminar to be held in São Paulo on November 15, 16 and 17. The meeting will seek to debate the processes of construction of anti-capitalist alternatives in a moment of many global challenges.

This Newsletter also brings assessment of the Congress of the National Union of Students (UNE) of Brazil. Challenging decades of bureaucratic domination by the Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB) and amid a tide of protests of Brazilian students against Jair Bolsonaro, the left-wing opposition achieved important advances within the largest Brazilian student entity.

Other issues addressed in this Newsletter are: the approval of the Social Security Reform in Brasilia, a report by the NY Times with Glenn Greenwald and David Miranda on the VazaJato [Operation Car Wash Leaks] scandal, the massive protests in Puerto Rico that forced Governor Ricardo Rosselló to resign; the mobilizations in southern Peru against the mining project Tia Maria; the 40 years of the Sandinista Revolution; the proposal of Medicare for All by Bernie Sanders; the democratic revolt in Hong Kong.

We wish you all an excellent reading!

Editorial Board – 07.25

International Meeting of Movimento Esquerda Socialista/PSOL

XX Anniversary of MES /PSOL – INTERNATIONAL MEETING | by Executive Committee of MES

We propose a meeting to contribute, to elaborate, and to find coincidences of politics and initiatives open to the left-wing organizations that propose an internationalist strategy. The challenge is tremendous since it is necessary to stop authoritarianism and at the same time gestate confluent, broad, and unitary alternatives, with a clear program of rupture through a socialist strategy.

Congress of the National Students Union (UNE) of Brazil

After a huge political victory in the CONUNE, our task is to mobilize until we win the Weintraub and Bolsonaro’s attacks | by Juntos

The UNE (Students National Union) Congress – CONUNE, held from July 10 to 14, was one of the most important in the history of the entity. After 40 years of the UNE reconstruction congress that took place in Salvador, it was during the Bolsonaro era that the entity’s most politicized congress occurred, with massive participation in elections at each university and more than 5,500 accredited delegates, as well as more than 10,000 students participating in debates, discussions and the final plenary.

Approval of Social Security Reform in the National Congress

The ‘Terminators’: Attacks on Pensions, Delivery and Liquidation of Public Education | by Thiago Aguiar and Israel Dutra

The growing rejection of the government and the agenda of permanent attacks, sooner or later, will lead to a blunt response from the Brazilian people. We must organize this resistance and offer a way against the barbarism of Bolsonaro, Guedes and the capitalists who celebrate the dismantling of people’s rights. The last word has not yet been given.

“Vaza-Jato” Scandal

The Antithesis of Bolsonaro’: A Gay Couple Roils Brazil’s Far Right | by NY Times

Threats and taunts against Mr. Miranda and Mr. Greenwald have kept the pair largely confined to their home. They venture out only with armed guards, sleep little and lightly, and fear for the safety of their children.

Protests in Puerto Rico

Solidarity with the people of Puerto Rico | by IV International

We express our admiration for the persistent struggle of the people of Puerto Rico, an example for the struggles of the world. We demand the release of those arrested or accused as a result of participating in this resistance. We join the call for the immediate resignation of Governor Ricardo Roselló.

“A Victory for the People of Puerto Rico”: Gov. Ricardo Rosselló Resigns Following Mass Protests | by Democracy Now

Celebrations were held throughout the night in Puerto Rico after Governor Ricardo Rosselló announced he would resign, following 12 days of mass protests. This came two days after more than 500,000 Puerto Ricans took to the streets in one of the largest protests in Puerto Rico’s history. The protests began after Puerto Rico’s Center for Investigative Journalism published close to 900 pages of shocking text messages between Rosselló, staffers and advisers.

Puerto Rico: people are in the streets against sexism, homophobia, austerity and corruption | by Pierre Gottiniaux

Ricardo Rossello will probably not be able to withstand this wave of discontent. His political adversaries are preparing an impeachment. But this will not undo what has happened and will not change the programme set up by the Financial Oversight Board, which will continue with austerity policies, to the greater benefit of the island’s creditors who make huge profits. The hurricane season is just starting.

Arequipa protests against Tia Maria mining project

Rebel Arequipa, the south is with you, Peru is with you… | by Tito Prado

Arequipa is once again the epicenter of a struggle that makes history not only because it defends an agricultural valley from extractivist voracity, but because it calls into question that CONFIEP logic of believing the owners of Peru and entitled to sell it to foreign companies in exchange for almost nothing subjecting governments to their particular interests. Well, that is what is in question after all.

Medicare for All

On Medicare for All, Bernie Is Ready to Rumble | by Meagan Day (Jacobin Magazine)

Bernie Sanders delivered a major speech on Medicare for All yesterday. He knows who his enemies are: the pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and their friends in elected office — and he’s spoiling for a fight with them.

40 Years of the Sandinista Revolution

Fortieth Anniversary of the Nicaraguan Revolution; Twenty-Ninth Anniversary of the Counter-Revolution in Power | by Dan La Botz

I can only outline here the complex history of the Nicaraguan revolution and counter-revolution, but cannot do them justice in a short article. I have given a more detailed account in my article “Daniel Ortega, Nicaragua’s Nov. 6 Election, and the Betrayal of a Revolution,” New Politics, October 17, 2016.

Protests in Hong Kong and social movements in China

The situation of youth in Hong Kong, the devastation of the LegCo, and the dynamics of the crisis | by Au Loong Yu/ESSF

To the surprise of many, the majority are supportive or at least sympathetic to the young people. This is because the people were angry with the government’s heavy handed crackdown on protesters on 12 June, and then their anger was further justified and escalated when the government announced it was going to suspend the bill on 15 June, but fell short of withdrawing the bill altogether. The 550,000 turn out on the 1st July march proved that. The storming of the legislature that night was therefore seen as merely an attempt to fight for what many think of as righteous. Surely at this point a threshold was crossed as well.

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