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Rebel Arequipa, the south is with you, Peru is with you…

Arequipa is once again the epicenter of a struggle that makes history not only because it defends an agricultural valley from extractivist voracity, but because it calls into question that CONFIEP logic of believing the owners of Peru and entitled to sell it to foreign companies in exchange for almost nothing subjecting governments to their particular interests. Well, that is what is in question after all.

In the same way that CONGA put water law as a priority, Tía María places agriculture as the axis of social development and calls into question extractivism as it is conceived today in the hands of large multinationals. If we want the wealth of our land to be used for development, we have to recover sovereignty over our resources and generate added value with industrial development promoted by the State itself, respecting the environment and social rights as prior consultation and not the dialogue cartoon that wants to impose the government.

We now know that these miners, such as the Souther, evade taxes, enjoy preferential treaties and systematically violate their own agreements while increasing their profits, leaving poverty and backwardness in their path.

We have to put an end to this colonizing capitalist predation with a fundamental change via a new Constitution and a new truly democratic, popular and sovereign government that begins the structural changes that the country requires.

The government is already on the defensive while Roque Benavides and his people cry out loudly to put an end to the fight against corruption that also commits them and they have little to claim the “authority” rule.

But Arequipa does not give up and on Saturday at the Assembly of the Southern Macro they will decide on the fight measures to strengthen the defense of the Tambo Valley on strike for a week.

Source: https://titoprado.lamula.pe/2019/07/19/arequipa-rebelde-el-sur-esta-contigo-el-peru-te-acompana/titoprado01/

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