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Capitalist crisis, new political alternatives and socialist strategy

On November 15-16, 2019, on the occasion of its 20th Anniversary, the Socialist Left Movement (MES) will hold an Internationalist Seminar in São Paulo that aims to reflect on the experiences of change that have been occurring in the last 20 years in Latin America and in the U.S. as part of those that have  happened all over the world.
MES is a PSOL founding current that, along with other organizations that were also part of the PT in Brazil, opted to create an independent and socialist party after PT sealed a compromise of co-government with the great Brazilian bourgeoisie.

The imperialist offensive on the continent, being a real destabilizing factor, cannot explain the limits and contradictions of the “progressive governments” by itself. A critical look from the left is necessary to draw conclusions that will help to face the new processes that seek to open a new course as a result of the capitalist crisis in the region. At the same time, in the United States, a new socialist wave is developing and opens new expectations for the left. Among their actions is the struggle against the
Trump wall and the repression of Latin American immigrants.

This new situation we are going through requires the exchange of experiences and a debate on the challenges faced by the anti-capitalist left, based precisely on the recent experiences obtained from these processes. That is why we claim, among others, to discuss the following points:

→The systemic global crisis and Latin America and the US as part of it.
→ The rising of authoritarianism and at the same time of a great democratic reaction against it.
→ The emergence of a wave of protests and rebellions that reject both neoliberal plans at the service of big corporations and banks.
→The role of workers, youth and the feminist movement within them.
→ The failure of what we call “Old left” and the attempts by the class conciliation governments that have also failed.
→ The emergence of new political processes in which we highlight the socialist tide of the United States,
and also the new left that is being built in Latin America.
→ The need for exchange of ideas and debates of those who participate and are on the front line of this
new situation in the middle of the fragmentation and lack of an international alternative

We propose a meeting to contribute, to elaborate, and to find coincidences of politics and initiatives open to the left-wing organizations that propose an internationalist strategy. The challenge is tremendous since it is necessary to stop authoritarianism and at the same time gestate confluent, broad, and unitary alternatives, with a clear program of rupture through a socialist strategy.

Executive Committee of MES 07/09/2019

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