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Argentina: a rebellious people

The overwhelming vote against Macri has only one reading; the workers and popular sectors strongly rejected the neoliberal government, lackey of the IMF. It is also a vote against Bolsonaro, Trump and the pro-imperialist governments of the continent.
It is a popular victory that demonstrates the great resistance that there is in the continent to the neoliberal policies, without, at the same time, having an alternative of power that can confront them consequently.
That alternative is not yet in Argentina, Brazil and other key countries of the continent. The more than likely Fernandez-Fernandez government already said they will not confront with FMI. It will respect the agreements imposed by the IMF or at most renegotiate. (It would be the same in Brazil if Lula and the PT were to return to power.) That’s why uncertainty, chaos and the vacuum of government seem to be settling in our brother country.
Without losing sight of this situation (lack of an anti-neo-liberal and anti-capitalist mass political alternative) we must once again applaud the workers and the Argentine people. The electoral defeat of macrism is not only the result of a vote punishing Macri against the brutal increases in public services, unemployment, inflation… It is also the result of great battles that the workers and women fought against Macrism. Macri managed to pass the pension reform. But in Argentina there was a great mobilization of the workers of more than 250,000 people and a pitched battle against the police. The church and Macri managed to stop the abortion law. But the green tide was massive and remains on the agenda of youth and women; it is a growing wave in Argentina and Latin America.
The day after the knockout, Macri reacted. He let the “markets” fire the dollar and the furious remarcation of prisoners begin. He is making a new brutal adjustment with the price hike and the devaluation of the peso. And he pretends to make people believe that it is his fault not to vote for him, hoping to win back votes for the November election. For now Fernandez has said nothing about this situation. Surely the pan-Peronism candidate speculates in the hope that Macri’s government will do the dirty work. We hope that once again the workers will break this situation that favors the big capitalists. Going out into the street to demand control of capital flight, the freezing of prices and an increase in wages is the task set for the workers. The mobilization is that it should become a protagonist demanding also the advancement of the elections and a constituent process that reorganizes the country.

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