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Left on the Move Newsletter – 08.25

Left on the Move Newsletter – 08.25

This edition of the Left on the Move Newsletter highlights the movement that has taken to the streets of the whole world against the destruction of the Amazon, encouraged by the extreme right government of Jair Bolsonaro.

In an editorial for Revista Movimento, Thiago Aguiar and Israel Dutra analyze the political and economic logic underlying the environmental barbarity promoted by Bolsonarism. We also share the call of the students of Juntos! for permanent mobilizations in defense of the Brazilian forests, which will have its high point on September 20 on the Global Strike against Climate Change. Left on the Move has also compiled photos of the hundreds of demonstrations held around the world since Bolsonaro raised the tone against environmental organizations this week.

Other materials in this Newsletter are: Suzi Weissman’s interview with Robert Brenner on the economic turbulence, an article by Natasha Fernández-Silber (DSA Detroit leadership) on the importance of the American left transcending the “progressive” identity towards a “socialist” program and perspective, an article by Pedro Fuentes on the broader meaning of elections in Argentina and the imminent defeat of Macri, a text by Gilbert Achcar on the future of the Sudanese revolution and articles about the mobilization in Hong Kong.

Finally, we reiterate the invitation of the Socialist Left Movement (MES) to fellow organizations for the International Seminar scheduled for November 15-17, 2019.

An excellent internationalist reading to all and until the next Newsletter!


Editorial Board – 08.25




The nightfall in the afternoon and Bolsonaro’s environmental disaster | Thiago Aguiar and Israel Dutra

It’s time to mobilize in defense of the Amazon and the environment and against Bolsonaro’s attacks


Students launch Manifesto in defense of the Amazon | Juntos!

Students from the north of Brazil call for the defense of the Amazon. Protests are being organized all over the country.

Architecte James Renwick.

Economic turbulence

Behind the Economic Turbulence | Suzi Weissman and Robert Brenner

Suzi Weissman interviews Robert Brenner about politics and economy for her “Beneath the Surface” broadcast on KPFK

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez And Bernie Sanders Attend Green New Deal Rally At Howard University

Socialism in the U.S.

Why We’re Socialists, Not “Progressives” | Natasha Fernández-Silber

It’s not enough to just be “progressive.” To tackle the many problems we face today, we need to name the system that’s behind all of them, capitalism — and fight for the only viable alternative, socialism.





Argentina: a rebellious people | Pedro Fuentes

The overwhelming vote against Macri has only one reading; the workers and popular sectors strongly rejected the neoliberal government, lackey of the IMF.





With the constitutional agreement, the Sudanese Revolution enters a new phase | Gilbert Achcar

The Sudanese Revolution has won major victories. But it still needs to wrestle control from the military to popular forces.




Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s Fight for Life | Wilfred Chan

Hong Kong has justified its existence as an interface between Western neoliberal globalism and China’s statist authoritarian capitalism. China no longer needs the city to play that role; Hong Kongers desperately need an alternative.


The Rebellion in Hong Kong Is Intensifying | Au Loong Yu and Kevin Lin

Massive demonstrations in Hong Kong have forced the government to shelve a bill that could muzzle dissident voices. But the protesters are still on the streets — and they’re demanding the resignation of Hong Kong’s chief executive.


Full support for the Hong Kong mobilizations | Partido Socialismo e Liberdade (PSOL/Socialism and Freedom Party)

From Brazil, we from PSOL sympathize with the struggling youth in the autonomous region of Hong Kong and express our support for the resistance against authoritarianism and police violence that today threaten this population.


Yuen Long attack: This changes everything! | Committee for a Worker’s International (CWI)

Hong Kong’s mass anti-authoritarian struggle urgently needs organised self-defence.



International Meeting of Movimento Esquerda Socialista/PSOL

XX Anniversary of MES /PSOL – INTERNATIONAL MEETING| by Executive Committee of MES

We propose a meeting to contribute, to elaborate, and to find coincidences of politics and initiatives open to the left-wing organizations that propose an internationalist strategy. The challenge is tremendous since it is necessary to stop authoritarianism and at the same time gestate confluent, broad, and unitary alternatives, with a clear program of rupture through a socialist strategy.


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