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In defense of the Amazon, against Bolsonaro: Global Climate Strike mobilizes more than 35 cities in Brazil!

The Global Climate Strike that took place yesterday was a milestone in Brazil’s environmental struggle, bringing together tens of thousands of young people in more than 35 cities across the country to protest against the destruction of the planet. There is a huge biodiversity in our country and it faces great danger with deforestation and other forms of environmental degradation, and the criminal fires in the Amazon represent a problem for all the peoples of the world.

The authoritarian government of Bolsonaro supports the fires and deforestation because it is linked to the interests of large agricultural and mining companies, and it encourages the destruction of forests and rivers through violence against indigenous and other peoples of the forest, the cutting of funds for environmental monitoring, and deregulation of environmental legislation.

Even in this difficult scenario, yesterday the youth gave in the streets a response to the Bolsonaro government and also to the capitalist system that profits with the destruction of the environment. This fight is international and we are going to carry it forward, in defense of the Amazon, our ecosystems and the peoples of the whole world.

There is no plan B! We need to change the system so as not to change the climate!

See the photos of the demonstrations in Brazil below:

Rio de Janeiro-RJ

São Paulo-SP


Porto Alegre- (RIO GRANDE DO SUL)


Santarém (PARÁ)

Sobral (CEARÁ)




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