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New fires in the Amazon: a call for the Climate Strike!

The recent burnings in the Environmental Protection Area (EPA) of Alter do Chão put the city of Santarém (state of Pará) in a chaotic situation. The fire started on 9/14 and has already consumed much of the Savannah forest between the beaches of Ponta de Pedras and Alter do Chão, in a scenario of terror where ashes are raining throughout the region. We are in a period of drought and some natural fires can happen, but the large proportion of this fire is being investigated for having criminal action characteristics in the protection area.

Alter do Chão is a region of river beaches known as “the Amazon Caribbean”, a space of constant agrarian conflicts coveted by real estate capital that profits from its natural beauty, and the first fires were located in the region of Lago Verde, where there has been an illegal allotment for real estate speculation for 3 years. The state government of Pará tries to make up for the chaotic situation by spreading on its social networks that fire is under control but this is a big fallacy, the volunteer Brigadists and the fire brigade are still fighting the fire so far.

Criminals responsible for this major environmental crime need to be held responsible. This crime is directly linked to the attacks of the Bolsonaro government against the environment, diminishing the resources of the Amazon Fund, easing environmental laws and encouraging invasions of indigenous lands, quilombolas and traditional Amazonian populations. Alter do Chão EPA is a Borari People’s Indigenous Land and indigenous people suffer constant pressure and threats from being on their land, located in one of the most violent regions in Brazil with many cases of political murderers.

We have organized ourselves against a predatory policy that aims only at exploiting the riches of the Amazon because the irrational exploitation of forest resources promoted by large Brazilian and multinational companies is the main cause of deforestation and the destruction of ecosystems. We will continue fighting for our forests, our lives, our culture, our territoriality and our way of living in harmony with the environment. We are sure that fighting is the only way to a better life and we are using this serious situation to reinforce the importance of the world Climate Strike that will take place on September 20th.

The climate issue is a problem for all the peoples of the world, not just their governments, and we have joined from the heart of the Amazon in this worldwide call for life and the future, against the greed of the great monopolies and their incessant pursuit of profit. The standing forest guarantees the life of the forest peoples and everyone! That is why we continue to defend the Amazon and its peoples, and we urge everyone to take to the streets at the next World Climate Strike.

We fight to change the system and not the climate!

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