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Democratic and popular victory!

The dissolution of the Congress of the Republic decreed by President Vizcarra constitutes a democratic triumph because an institution has been put to an end by a corrupt mafia incorporated by the Fuerza Popular parties of former President Alberto Fujimori and the APRA of former President Alan García. Both parties formed a majority in Parliament as a result of Fujimorist laws that made it possible for a party that reached 26% of votes to have more than 50% of parliamentary representation and use that majority to try to take over the institutions and the government itself.

These parties sought to ensure impunity for their crimes but the crisis was escalating to the point that a conservative, reactionary and authoritarian political project that contained the Fuji-Aprist Mafia began to develop within the Congress, like the Bolsonaro´s and Macri´s political positions that Trump appreciate so much. When closing the Congress not only a blow has been dealt, we would say mortal to the mafia of these parties, but also to that authoritarian project that seemed to lift its head in Peru.

The most reactionary right wing had the enthusiastic support of CONFIEP, the most powerful business union in the country, and brought together other minor right-wing parties with a presence in parliament with what was more than the mafia, it was already a political project. That is why we say that this tremendous blow that the corrupt mafia that nests in the congress has received must be properly assessed. Of course, there is still a long way to go because the right will resist but the social movement that accompanies the actions of Vizcarra, the declaration of the governors, the military chiefs, all this seems to definitely indicate that the force is on the side of the government and that the other will be diluted along the way.

That right wing that centers around the president of Congress, Pedro Olaechea, was clear about the objective of getting rid of President Vizcarra looking for a vacancy but the most strategic objective was to close the crisis cycle with the defeat of the popular movement and the closing of democratic spaces who were defending in all this time.

Therefore the victory that has been obtained with the closing of the Congress has an immense dimension and opens a new political moment in the country since the mafia has been prevented from continuing to cover itself with a blanket of impunity and has been dismantled, at least moment, a reactionary and authoritarian project.

What it’s left? Then pass a policy of demand to the Vizcarra government. Firstly consolidate the measure since there is a tenacious resistance that will be offered by the congressional majority and along with it open a period of transition towards new elections, on January 26 complementary elections to the congress, the 2021 general elections for congressmen and president. Secondly, to demand to open greater democratic spaces, starting with new rules so that other organizations can enter the political arena since those that were recently approved are of impossible application at least in the immediate elections. Our policy has to go to the site, to the requirement that the fight against corruption is taken to the end, that there is no impunity, that those responsible for these crimes be put in jail, that their crimes be expropriated. goods, etc.

And hand in hand with the democratic agenda it is necessary to propose a social agenda. Because the Vizcarra government being a transitional government cannot stop looking urgently at the social problems that the economic model entails. In that process, we will raise an alternative from the popular movement and the left, but that is more comprehensive so that it allows us to win a large social and political majority for the change that the country requires. This social and political majority has to express itself in some key programmatic points such as the recovery of national sovereignty over our natural and energy resources, the need for a Constituent Assembly to change the constitution of 1993 which is a guarantee of the neoliberal model, a social agenda that includes the theme of work, health, housing, development of the interior villages, etc.

For a sector of the left wing, this confrontation in the political superstructure was a mess that does not concern us. That has been a sectarian error, a unilateral vision of the events in Peru and of the crisis, since the same crisis generated this fracture among the ruling class. And it is impossible to move the movement forward if these contradictions are not repaired and taken advantage of; Vizcarra to survive in the midst of the onslaught of Fujimorists was in need of leading a series of reforms in order to face corruption and in fact that flag allowed him to have great social support for several months. We could not put the government and the majority of congresspersons on the same plane even knowing that they represent business sectors equally, who defend the Constitution of 1993 equally, as they defend the economic model. However, despite these coincidences between them, they respond to different demands that made them face. We have to take advantage of these contradictions to corner the most perverse sector that reflects corruption in the country, this does not mean in any way support or hope in the Vizcarra government but it does mean to understand what was at stake.

The social movement in Peru is still a determining factor at all times of this regime crisis that comes since 2016, moreover, it has come in some cases to make the acceleration factor of the crisis, remember that when the former president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, who preceded Vizcarra, freed Alberto Fujimori, on December 24 thousands of Peruvians decided to win the streets by sacrificing their Christmas night to express the repudiation of the freedom of a genocidal and thief like former President Fujimori. In all these years the social movement has taken a hard fight and is the backdrop of the crisis, so it is essential that it remains active to ensure a democratic exit and thereby pave the way for the great background transformations that the country requires.

Tito Prado 10/01/2019
National Leader of the New Peru Movement

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