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Left On The Move Newsletter – 10.02

This issue of Left On The Move Newsletter highlights the political situation in Peru. On Monday (September 30), President Martin Vizcarra dissolved Congress, in response to a popular appeal against the Fujimorist mafia that dominates Parliament and intended to seize the Supreme Court as well. Now social organizations and leftist parties call on the people to take to the streets to demand a general election.

In order for our readers to understand what is currently going on in the Andean country, Left On The Move website publishes an article by Tito Prado (national leader of the New Peru Movement), a text by Bernardo Corrêa (national leader of MES / PSOL and former member of the Sec. of International Relations of the New Peru Movement), a statement by the MNP International Relations Commission and a call for a street act signed by various Peruvian social entities and movements.


The social movement in Peru is still a determining factor at all times of this regime crisis that comes since 2016, moreover, it has come in some cases to make the acceleration factor of the crisis, remember that when the former president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, who preceded Vizcarra, freed Alberto Fujimori, on December 24 thousands of Peruvians decided to win the streets by sacrificing their Christmas night to express the repudiation of the freedom of a genocidal and thief like former President Fujimori. In all these years the social movement has taken a hard fight and is the backdrop of the crisis, so it is essential that it remains active to ensure a democratic exit and thereby pave the way for the great background transformations that the country requires.


Nuevo Perú and its leaders, such as Verónika Mendoza and Tito Prado, have committed to mobilization as a means of fighting corruption and have insisted on the need for new elections and a new constitution for the country. They won the first round. They have bet on the possibility of building the new, the development of the new social and political movements, without longing for the old left. Peru makes its way ni calco ni copia, as Mariátegui said, once again gives us an example and we need to learn from it.

NEW PERU ABOUT POLITICAL CRISIS | by MNP International Relations Commission

It is important that the different political forces of Latin America and the world do not recognize the government of Mercedes Araoz and accompany the efforts to advance in the democratic exit with new elections, within the framework of the unrestricted respect for human rights. We will remain firm and mobilized for the construction of a new Peru in a new world as demanded by Amauta José Carlos Mariategui.


We reaffirm our defense of democracy and call for a national mobilization out of respect for the will of the citizen that requires a democratic transition that begins with the closing of Congress.

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