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In recent days, the government of President Sebastián Piñera has issued a series of new neoliberal measures that, among other things, had increased the cost of public transport tickets, aggravating the already deteriorating economy of most Chileans. Faced with these measures, citizens responded with mobilizations that included massive evasions in the subway system and national street protests. The government was forced to reverse the increase in tickets, but already popular indignation with an exclusionary political and economic system had exploded violently. Thousands of students, workers, women, collectives and citizens in general protest against the current regime of life that imposes neoliberalism for four decades, which generates inequality, marginalization and precarization, benefiting only the small ruling elite.

The massive popular mobilization was answered with the characteristic brutality of the Chilean right, which in the face of lack of reason resorted to force decreeing the state of exception, curfew and militarization of the country recreating the worst times of the Pinochetist dictatorship. This repression already takes the lives of ten people, as well as hundreds of injured and detained, allegations of police station abuse and sexual assault against women that a democratic society cannot tolerate.

What happened in Ecuador and Chile shows how little the triumphalism of its neoliberal restoration project lasted on its right. In his attempt to adjust the cash, his first instinct was to pass the bill to the people and public services. It never crossed their minds to end the fiscal privileges of big business. Today it is clear that the Chilean right is neither modern nor liberal nor democratic, at the first sign of popular protest they resort to repression, lies and imposition.

As Nuevo Peru Movement we express our solidarity with the just mobilization of the Chilean people and condemn the brutal repressive violence. The international community cannot remain indifferent to a president who has declared war on his people and who wants to restore neoliberal governance by blood and fire. We trust that, as at other times in its history, the Chilean people will definitely conquer dignity and hope.

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