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On Tuesday, January 21, the MPF, through Attorney Wellington Oliveira, denounced the journalist Glenn Greenwald without any ongoing investigation. The dialogues that the MPF used to justify the denunciation, originating from Operation Spoofing, were thoroughly analyzed by the Federal Police. The PF’s conclusion was peremptory: it did not identify any participation by Glenn in the crimes investigated.

This leads to the only possible conclusion: it was an attack orchestrated by the far right in the judiciary, without any foundation or factual basis. Prosecutor Wellington de Oliveira is known for his conservative positions, he was a member of the army and was known to file a complaint against the president of the OAB, Felipe Santa Cruz.

The immediate reaction of important political actors, especially those linked to the press, was important not to naturalize the gesture. Any and all authoritarian escalation must be repelled immediately.

The attacks on freedom of expression are part of a more general affront to democratic elements, in the conscious action of the scholarship in imposing a new regime, with authoritarian characteristics. Several elements point in this direction: The attack against the Backdoor group, of which the group led by the integralist Eduardo Falzi took the authorship, was a serious precedent. The most vivid case was Roberto Alvim’s statement, imitating the Nazi aesthetic, with Joseph Goebbels’ citation.

It’s not a minor issue. The most authoritarian sectors of society test the limits of democratic resistance. They are more comfortable fighting for their program and their ideas.

You have to stop the government’s hand.

Unity of broad action: defending Glenn and the freedom of the press
The unity of action – taking as an example the act of ABI in the year 2019 – is an imperative to defend the set of democratic freedoms.

Glenn’s defense has already been taken by important democratic sectors such as Bernie Sanders, Edward Snowden, OAB, Abraji, Amnesty International and a significant portion of the international media. All those who, regardless of political or ideological orientation, do not accept the closure of the regime or attacks/restrictions of press freedom, should join this cause.


We have published with this editorial the translation of two important articles:

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