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When we closed these lines, the number of infected is around 243 000 cases in 169 countries, and the deaths in the world are around 10 000 people, mostly in China and Italy; and the outbreak has already spread to our continent.

The Covid-19 statistics are alarming, despite the barriers and quarantines of millions of Chinese or thousands of Italians, who have not been able to stop its expansion, and there are experts who say that it could potentially infect among asymptomatic patients and those who manifest the development of the virus: 40% of the world’s population.



Experts point out that it is not by chance that this type of mutant virus, which originates in animals and contagious to human beings, expresses itself in this region of the planet. The lack of sanitary controls regarding the handling of wild animals for their massive commercialization is more serious in this area. In fact, there are complaints that the authorities of the Wuhan market, where the first contagion originated, did not respect the sanitary norms of the Chinese ministry, reflecting the enormous corruption that exists and is the daily currency between the different bureaucratic estamentos.

By the end of January, when the virus had already claimed 40 lives, the Chinese authorities had quarantined the city of Wuhan from 11 million inhabitants, but it was already too late, hundreds of thousands of people had already passed through or left the area for the lunar new year celebration. And not to mention the images that transcended, treating infected by the virus as if they were delinquents.

The virus has exposed China’s deficient health system, showing the oppression and poverty suffered by hundreds of millions of inhabitants of the second capitalist world power and the methods of its governing bureaucratic caste. This political blow will have serious consequences, leaving its economy almost paralysed, and a great fall in its growth rates.



The pandemic has highlighted the collapse of health systems exhausted by the capitalist logic of profit, privatization and adjustment. In these conditions they are not prepared to face the virus. Despite the advance of treatments and vaccines. The debacle of the capitalist system, the reduction of health budgets, poverty and environmental disaster – all aggravated by the lack of information and prevention – make



Firstly, the drastic reduction of public social investment as part of structural adjustment programs, such as social cutting policies, have degraded the infrastructure of health services, popular achievements such as social wages, labor stability, social security, etc, are adjustment variables of the ongoing capitalist crisis.



The response of the world’s governments bears witness to their failure and the inability of the system to safeguard the health of peoples. From the bureaucracy, China has withheld information and mobilized the strength of its repressive apparatus to try to minimize the crisis, to Trump’s unscientific negationism and his racist rhetoric that presents the virus as a foreign danger. But there are also other irresponsible governments like Bolsonaro’s, it goes against the world tendency to declare a state of emergency and promote social isolation, Bolsonaro refuses to accept reality and insists that there is ‘too much hysteria’ with Covid-19, and more, he declared these days that he will have a birthday party with his wife. Meanwhile, there are more than 430 cases and 4 deceased.

This exposes governments that cover up with state inaction by transferring responsibility to the working people, wanting to transfer the responsibility to spread to citizens. And while the capitalists do huge business while the capitalists do huge business with the help of governments, our peoples are put under quarantine or social isolation, measures that are necessary to prevent it from spreading, but at the same time are insufficient, in our country, from 50 infected people, in 2 days it increased to 234 in full emergency and isolation. Meanwhile, authoritarian measures are growing that point more to repressive social containment of the social crisis than to preventive social detachment.



First of all, it is important to be aware that the capitalist crisis is a real breeding ground for emerging diseases. The social crisis, the environmental depredation, converge. But also, the terminal crisis of the health systems, drowned by the coexistence of private “subsectors” and the transfer of resources to them. It is also a consequence of the implementation of structural adjustment policies and the reduction of social wages and health budgets, as well as low investment in science and technology, and the asymmetric hypertrophy of the medical industrial complex, which is profitable for pharmaceutical corporations.

It is necessary to promote the fight and demand immediate measures in the face of the emergency, we need first of all a shock of investment in health, we need to guarantee that all tests, treatments and vaccines are completely free. To this end, we need all the inputs and infrastructure to combat the pandemic, and we need to guarantee the free distribution of prevention and treatment elements.

Guaranteeing leave with full pay and payment of full wages for workers in quarantine and prohibiting layoffs. And a strong demand that from the State, defend the workers and vulnerable sectors before the business sectors, that is why it is necessary that President Vizcarra stops giving the green light, to mining companies, like Las Bambas and Glencore continue operating, risking the human lives of the workers.

Subsidies for informal, self-employed, and unemployed workers A ban on evictions, and immediate housing solutions for the homeless. An end to all persecution of migrants, no expulsion and full access to the health system. Immediate recruitment, with full labor rights, of all personnel needed for the health system. We must eliminate the private profit of health and promote a single state health system, under popular citizen control.

Lima, March 18, 2020


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