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In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic in Brazil, a social movement has given practical examples of struggle and solidarity in the face of the crisis. The Emancipa Network of Popular Education is a movement present in all regions of the country through popular education, with initiatives of pre-vestibular courses, education in prison, feminist and antirracist formations, organizing youth and adults in various poor neighborhoods, slums and other spaces excluded from the cities.

Brazil is going through this critical moment during the government of extreme-right President Jair Bolsonaro, a denialist of the pandemic who has already made numerous statements minimizing the crisis and encouraging the population to ignore the guidelines of isolation. More concerned with the profits of large companies than with the lives of the Brazilian people, Bolsonaro goes against the government’s own ministers and has even resisted approving a basic income for workers who are experiencing financial difficulties in quarantine.

Acting in this scenario, the Emancipa Net began a major collection campaign to ensure the distribution of hygiene and cleaning materials in the territories where it is organized, combining practical solidarity with political formation and resistance against the danger represented by the government. Much more than a charitable action, Rede Emancipa gives an example on how to build a combative social work even during a moment of crisis like this one we are experiencing today

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