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Thousands of so-called Riders, home delivery workers, are calling for an international delivery today, 22 April, to denounce the labour exploitation they suffer.

The pandemic caused by the coronavirus is new, but labour exploitation is not. This health crisis only deepens a situation that was previously quite desperate. After the state of alarm was declared in Spain, the Glovo company imposed a 37% drop in delivery fees on its riders. From the 2.50 euros charged by each delivery person, they have now received 1.20 euros. Amount on which it is necessary to discount all the cats referring to what it entails to be autonomous. In spite of the judicial sentences that recognize the figure of workers of these deliverymen, the big companies like Glovo, Deliveroo or Uber avoid them.

Faced with the abandonment they suffer from the PSOE/Unidas Podemos government, in this situation of health crisis, which brings with it a strong labor crisis, by being recognized as essential services, the delivery workers appeal to the citizens’ conscience. The lack of protection on the part of the company is total and they point out the health risk for both the delivery companies and their clients.

The response of the delivery workers was not long in coming. Several mobilisations have taken place in spite of the confinement. A few days ago, the spontaneous demonstration in which Riders went around the centre of Madrid was striking. The police decided to take action, identifying many of them for demonstrating, but not because the companies systematically fail to comply with labour legislation and safety standards.

Because of this situation, Riders x Derechos Madrid and the collective, collective and legal labour accompaniment, Trabajadoras en Acción, have set out to deal with cases of dismissals, ERTEs and fare reductions suffered by Riders in Madrid. Legal aid and collective accompaniment to defend the labour rights that cannot be postponed despite the state of alarm.

We leave you the information to contact Trabajadoras en Acción:

Twitter: @TrabajadoraseAc
Facebook: Women Workers in Action
Telegram Channel: Workers In Action

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