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Moro resigns, incriminates Bolsonaro and mortally injures the government

After losing space within the government and having the PF chief dismissed, Sérgio Moro resigned from the government, denouncing a series of crimes committed by Jair Bolsonaro in a press conference. Over the past few hours, the national press has reported some indications of Bolsonaro’s interference with the Federal Police to protect his subjects involved in criminal practices. See the comments of some PSOL parliamentarians on the recent events that could culminate in the fall of Bolsonaro:

Moro made very serious accusations against Bolsonaro. There are already many reasons for impeachment, as we pointed out in the request signed by 1 million people. Rodrigo Maia, president of the Chamber of Deputies, urgently needs to receive impeachment requests!

FERNANDA MELCHIONNA, Federal Deputy for PSOL / RS and leader of PSOL in the Chamber of Deputies

Jair Bolsonaro uses his position to protect criminals. Moro has always been complicit in the plan with the promise of a place in the STF. Brazil needs to get rid of this militia that occupies the Planalto Palace. The prosecution cannot wait. The conditions for impeachment are given. People will not accept hesitation at this time. The accusation is urgent and necessary. We have to overthrow Bolsonaro and save millions of Brazilians.

SÂMIA BOMFIM, Federal Deputy for PSOL-SP

Bolsonaro’s pronouncement sounds like a certificate of confession. He does not respond to the accusations made by the Minister of Justice himself, he did not answer the reason for the change in the general direction of the Federal Police. Bolsonaro is over, stop it!

DAVID MIRANDA, Federal Deputy for PSOL / RJ

Moro leaves Bolsonarism to deliver a very serious crime: Bolsonaro’s intention to control the Federal Police and make the PF an instrument to protect the corrupt. Moro is undoubtedly the greatest executioner of the PT and recognized, more than once, that not even the movements of the PT, in the heyday of Lava Jato, tried to interfere as much in the Federal Police as Bolsonaro has been doing, certainly to protect crimes of your family and their own crimes. It is not burned via motives or conditions for the impeachment of rethinking its assessment. Even so that we knew we had to kill Marielle, it was essential that Bolsonaro fell. What did Moro intend to do with these revelations only now is something that is not interesting at the moment. It is urgent to shoot Bolsonaro, fight a pandemic, save lives and prevent PF from becoming an instrument of protection for the corrupt, as quer or president.

LUCIANA GENRO, State Representative for PSOL / RS

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