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One of the richest men in Peru, a shareholder in the Yanacocha mine, the largest gold mine in Latin America, former president of CONFIEP and therefore one of its top representatives, spoke out on behalf of Peruvian businessmen against the UNIVERSAL BONUS that hunger, in the midst of the quarantine, made imperative.

Interviewed by the media, he said that Veronika Mendoza’s request for a UNIVERSAL BONUS was “an absurd ideology”; in other words, putting money in the pockets of millions of Peruvians who do not have to eat and who therefore risk their lives by putting at risk the practical effect of the quarantine is nonsense. Well, the government has just crushed his absurd statement because it announces a UNIVERSAL FAMILY BONUS in consideration of the gravity we are reaching and giving in to the pressure of the people and forces that like New Peru have been raising it in all languages. Beyond the relevance of the announced measure and its own limits and scope that leave many loose ends, what we want to emphasize is that, a few days before, the also owner of Banco de Credito del Peru, discarded such a proposal that does not even come out of his pockets.

Benavides and businessmen like him, do not hesitate to put their private interests above the interest of millions of compatriots. That is why, paraphrasing Victor Raul Haya de la Torre, he added in the same interview, “We must not take away wealth from those who have it, but create wealth for those who do not have it. As we know, the aprist leader ended up making a pact with the oligarchy. When asked about the possibility of a tax on fortunes, the conceited media noted that “we are not going to get anything out of it by increasing taxes… What we have to do is generate incentives so that there is more economic activity. And he ended by talking about the need to retake Tía María despite the tenacious resistance of the people of Islay.

An anthology interview, which paints the rich elites, the millionaires’ club and their tremendous insensitivity, greed and thirst for profit, which is the raison d’être of the large national (and foreign) business community that resists seeing its fortunes diminished at a time when life itself on the planet is at stake.

Peru is the country that has made the most millionaires in recent times thanks to the neoliberal model in place. And we are not talking about the multinationals that take 30 billion soles a year. We are talking about six national economic groups that have 12 billion dollars, the equivalent of 45 billion soles.

Six Peruvian businessmen are on the list of the big billionaires published by Forbes. There are among us 515 large fortunes with more than 30 million dollars in their personal accounts. And it turns out that they are opposed to a tax that can go from 1% of profits as has been proposed or even more, to 10% of their fortunes as is already being considered in some countries. After all – going back to Adams Smith – wealth is the product of human labor and today workers need something to be returned to them in order to survive. SOLIDARITY TAX ON BIG FORTUNES NOW!

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