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In times when violence tries to silence democracy, we have just lost, this morning (11), another warrior, a small businessman very dear to all the city of Janduis/RN, a city that began its life with much work and dedication. He has always been a worker who took the heavy lifting, as we speak around here. Then he dared to create a small company in the field of urban cleaning and later on in road repairs.

After a while, without ever having entered party politics, Netinho, as he was affectionately known, decided to contribute to the transformation of his city by joining the PSOL and making his name available to the party, which was immediately embraced by the population, so much so that in all internal polls he appeared between 45% and 50% of the intentions of votes, followed by the second placed with about 10% to 12%.

About a month ago, I was together with State Representative Sandro Pimentel (PSOL) in the city and there they discussed the pre-campaign of the PSOL represented by Netinho. He was very excited and when they went to lunch, Netinho said: “we are very confident that we can contribute to the realization of my dream that is to transform and change the quality of life of the people of my city, but I have only one fear: Here on almost the eve of the election, a candidate is murdered”.

Our companion arrived at his farm when he was surrounded by assassins armed with 12 caliber weapons and shot several times, leaving his car sifted with holes, without any chance of reaction.

Janduís is a very dangerous land for those who dare to face the rotten political system. This political crime will not go unpunished, we will have repercussions in all four corners of Brazil. Our deputy has already contacted all the state security authorities, made a complete effort and obtained the answer that all the effort will be made so that this political execution will not go unpunished. We want to know who killed, but above all who are the principals of this political barbarity in the attempt to silence the PSOL and hurt democracy.

The city is silent and many people are crying at this moment. Netinho was very dear to the population and had no enemies, in fact, he was a good guy, a dreamer for the changes in his city.

But if the intention is to shut us up, to silence the left and maculate democracy, WE AFFIRM that nobody will shut up our cry of hope and social transformation. They may take one, two or ten of us, as they did with Marielle Franco, but a thousand will rise.
Our feelings to all your companions, friends and family.

Netinho present!


Danniel Morais, state president of PSOL – Rio Grande do Norte

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