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The place of the PSOL in the current crisis: it is time for action to defeat the Bolsonaro!

Faced with the serious crisis in the country, where the Covid-19 pandemic adds to the Bolsonaro coup, the PSOL must take the field and point out a way out. The Party will hold a virtual meeting of its National Directory on 25 April and needs to position itself. Our organization will present a political resolution with allied sectors, of the internal tendencies of the Party.

In recent days, it is clear that there is an escalation of a crisis with multiple dimensions: Covid-19 has victimized hundreds of Brazilians per day, a scenario aggravated by the underreporting of cases and deaths. On the other hand, we can already see the ruin of the economy, whose effects weigh most heavily on tens of millions of workers who lose their income and see their livelihoods threatened. In turn, the Scholarship doubles its focus on its reactionary orientation, sponsoring and personally participating in coup demonstrations, which demand the closure of the STF and Congress, and the installation of a new “AI-5,” while the payment of emergency aid remains slow and flawed.

The cases of Covid-19 jump and the health system begins to collapse in some states and municipalities – Manaus is the most serious case, but the occupation of public beds is already at critical levels in Ceará and very close to that in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. At the same time, the IMF projects a recession of 5.3% of Brazil’s GDP by 2020, but there are forecasts of 6 to 8% recession in the country. The unprecedented drop in oil prices, with futures markets operating negatively in the United States, gives a dramatic dimension to the scenario. Meanwhile, Bolsonaro sabotages health efforts to contain the pandemic and extrapolates all limits by calling for agglomerations, known as “death ravines,” and participating in a coup plot in front of Army headquarters last Sunday.

The health issue: defend those on the front line with massive testing now! Hiring health professionals immediately!
After the resignation of Luiz Henrique Mandetta from the Ministry of Health, the pressure from the stock market sectors increases, relativizing the effects of Covid-19, to relax the isolation measures and point to chloroquine – a drug with doubtful and unproven effects on the new coronavirus – as a way out.

As a result, chaos takes over health units across the country and there are already dozens of deaths at home every day of patients who have not found treatment. Healthcare professionals, in turn, deal with the lack of equipment to care for patients and the dramatic lack of PPE, which has driven hundreds of professionals away. It is no coincidence that throughout the country there are demands and protests, such as from health workers in Pará. This is the moment of organisation and defence of rights by trade unions and associations, as is being done by the Sindisaúde-RS. We want the immediate hiring of more health professionals.

At the same time, the dramatic crowding of the public network shows the need for greater centralization of beds, the defense of the SUS, the expansion of the health budget, and industrial reconversion to provide the country with the necessary reagents, materials, and equipment, as proposed by DIEESE.

The economic issue: emergency measures to protect the people’s income!
It is necessary to fight to expand the measures that guarantee income for the working people. The PSOL fought to increase the basic income for mothers of single-parent families. Representative Sâmia Bomfim, for her part, approved an amendment in the Chamber that guarantees the extension of basic income for temporary teachers. More measures should be proposed, also taking into account the situation of workers formalized at risk of dismissal or affected by the reduction in income promoted by the Bolsonaro government.

It is necessary to defend the extension of the period and the value of the basic income, guaranteeing the survival of millions of informal workers. The party must compete with the hypocritical Bolsonist discourse, concerned with the profits of companies, of “economy versus life. It is fundamental to fight to halt layoffs, as has been done in other countries, fighting together with sectors of the organized workers’ movement.

Where will the money for these initiatives come from? The PSOL should focus on the line of taxation of large fortunes, of which we were at the forefront during the presidential campaign of Luciana Genro in 2014, in addition to other fiscal measures that confront the interests of banks and the financial system, and, of course, offer answers to the problem of debt, demanding the auditing and suspension of payment of interest and dividends for large creditors.

We are organizing active solidarity activities, with collection and delivery of food, medicines, hygiene products and books, as Emancipa did at Restinga in Porto Alegre, Grajaú in São Paulo, São Gonçalo in Rio, Brasília in the FNL camps, among several deliveries and initiatives.

The political question: unite the PSOL in the fight for impeachment!
The escalation of the crisis makes it clear that Bolsonaro acts as a genocide, which will condemn to death thousands of Brazilians with its authoritarian, denialist scientific and pro-business line. We have taken a fundamental step by filing a request for impeachment, headed by congressmen, leaders and psolist leaders, such as Fernanda Melchionna, Sâmia Bomfim, David Miranda and Luciana Genro, several intellectuals and artists, who gathered more than a million signatures in their support. There is now a debate on the left about impeachment. The PDT announced today that it will file another impeachment request at the same time as the PT is divided on this matter. There is no more time to waste.

The PSOL has the obligation to offer a path to millions of Brazilians. As part of this effort, we must broaden the scope of the hypotheses of the fight against Bolsonaro, with strikes, panels and planning, for the next period, creative actions, respecting the orientation of social distancing, as was recently done in Tel Aviv. At the same time, we have examples of protests such as the Belém Emergency Room, the University Hospital of USP and the struggle of resident doctors.

Enough of the paralysis: it’s time for action! Out, Bolsonaro! Impeachment now!

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