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Yes, there is an alternative

The international image of Ecuador is of the disaster of the pandemic. The country has entered into a downward spiral of overlapping crises, to which the health crisis is added the economic crisis and the vacuum of political leadership. While the population is concerned about health, food and work, politicians continue to quarrel, the correism advocates a covert coup d’état to hand over power to Nebot, and the government responds with the threat of a crushing death. Businessmen are pushing to accelerate the assault on public funds, with new privatizations, they have started a chain of massive layoffs under the pretext of the pandemic. From above we are at a dead end.
They have imposed a strategy of confinement on us without taking into account the conditions of the 60% of the population who live – or die – day by day, in unemployment and underemployment. They managed to contain the October mobilizations, which allowed us to see other ways out. And now they want to lift the quarantine without having controlled the first wave of contagion; there is not even information about the number and location of those infected and the dead. The strategy of shock and fear is the resource for submission to the voracious interests of capital that places accumulation above life.
But Ecuador is not reduced to this disaster. There are alternative initiatives in the different fields. Intercultural health practices, direct commercialization and barter chains have been reactivated to unite the countryside and the city, solidarity networks with the most needy sectors. It is possible to gather those seeds in a different way.
The first step is to dispute a different narrative of the pandemic. Knowing that it is a very serious, structural problem, fruit of patriarchal capitalism that has reached its most extreme forms of overexploitation of workers, especially women, and of nature. It is not a temporary problem, which will disappear with the vaccine. We are going to coexist for a long time with the COVID19 pandemic and the other health and hunger pandemics. Therefore, we need a Life Plan at least for 12 or 18 months.
It is time for resistance to the strategy of domination, and for building the bases of an autonomous power, from below, from outside, from the left. There are no negotiated solutions.
In resistance, we must still demand urgent responses from the State to confront the pandemic and the deepening economic crisis. Although we know that there will be no answers, since the concern of the regime is in the rescue of capital, the payment of the foreign debt with the offer to obtain new credits, privatization of public resources, liberal flexibilization. This is not a list of demands, but a platform of demands, as lines of resistance that bring together our immediate struggles.
But the key is to build a space of national coordination from the social organizations and the indigenous peoples, headed by the Unitary Front of Workers, the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities, the Popular Front, the Parliament of the Peoples, the Parliament of the Women, a form of constituent power for us.
It is our turn to start again, in different fields. The first step is a NATIONAL AGREEMENT to promote an ALTERNATIVE PROGRAM, based on the lines presented in October. We will not let ourselves be isolated, solidarity is the alternative. We need to give ourselves a path of hope with our peoples, with our brothers and sisters, with Mother Nature.

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