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The rich must pay for the crisis!

In February, the news coming from Europe was shivering and it was known that the Covid-19 would arrive here too, but what was done to mitigate its impact? The question arises because we are a month and a half away from the beginning of quarantine and the curve of infected and dead has no date to go down. It seems that the measures are being taken in the heat of events, according to how the wave comes, an empirical response is being given, like going to the market on a daily basis, without a plan or budget for the week or month.

“Everything is missing,” said the head of the Covid-19 Command, which was formed in early April, three weeks during which the virus took the lead from afar. Health and police professionals across the country are calling for security measures even now, 45 days after the state of emergency began. This delay has already cost fatalities in the first lines of combat against Covid-19. And so we could talk about the walkers returning to their provinces or people leaving home to sell something because they have nothing to eat.

There is a fundamental, structural problem, certainly. Nobody is unaware that 30 years of neoliberalism have left health on the ground, with the smallest budgets in the region. But to stop there is to have a partial view of the problem, by any chance the actions of the political authorities do not count, starting with the Executive? Let’s not make a subjective assessment of the degree of commitment of President Vizcarra and his ministers, that can be discounted. The problem is that his strategy is not yielding results and a worse mess is predicted than already exists.

In light of the results, it is clear that there is a lack of planning, projection, centralization, and above all, courage to take URGENT AND NECESSARY measures to ensure quarantine, avoid hunger and the massive exodus that has no end, to provide the health sector with protection and evidence of disposal. Measures have been taken, it must be acknowledged, but they are insufficient and we see this on a daily basis. The neoliberal logic has tied the government that does not want to clash with economic power groups, not even with the AFP that has been shown to be a fraud for the assured.

This crisis is like a war, in it there are sides, and as in every war, there are people who pass to the opposite side. The business class, it must be said once again, acts in favor of the spread of the virus because its greed is opposed to life. And in this search for ways out doesn’t count either the traditional right wing, which is lurking to save the corrupt by taking advantage of the crisis, or by supporting militaristic exits.

There is no other way to face the death that taking measures at the expense of the tax payer and the great fortunes. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY. And there is no lack of agreeing with those on the other side, we simply have to take what is needed and point. That is the required responsibility of the government and that it can assume as other governments have been doing. There is nothing communist about it – as a fool writes – but a minimal commitment to defend life, except that the interests of CONFIEP are more important. In fact, that’s how it was with the labor issue and the economy in general. So supporting the claims of the Peruvian people becomes an urgent necessity. Not doing this or promoting national unity in this extreme situation is naïve suicide, today the line is clear. May the crisis be paid for by the rich! They have generated it with their “market economy” and have made it worse with their indolence. Their fortune is due to the workers. Either they with their business ahead or life itself. Not halfway.

The fight against Covid-19 does not end on May 10, the economic crisis will be as deadly as the pandemic. Measures are needed now to mitigate what is to come, it’s not a conjunctural crisis as the economists of the model say, it’s a structural crisis of a civilizatory character. Not understanding this disarms us as we are already seeing.

For all this, let us keep insisting:

UNIVERSAL BONUS is for everyone, family bonus covers a part, it’s a relief, but it’s not for everyone.

PRODUCTIVE AGRARIAN BONUS, to ensure production in the field.

SINGLE, UNIVERSAL AND FREE HEALTH, at least during the emergency.

NO TO “PERFECT SUSPENSION”, this is a blow to the workers.

SOLIDARY TAX TO THE BIG FORTUNE, that the companies pay their debts with the tax authorities and cut the tax exemptions.

This is it! Tomorrow may be too late.


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